TV for Friday, February 21

Viking Murder MysteryCredit:



7.30pm, SBS

Apart from unnecessary repetition about how brutally the victims of a 1500-year-old Norse massacre were killed, this is an interesting examination of their remains, unearthed in 2011. References to Games of Thrones’ “red wedding” seem apt. The re-enactments are suggestive and minimal, the gruesome details of the slaughter fuel enough for the imagination. As macabre is the Texas “body farm” the archaeologists visit to better understand how corpses rot.

The Graham Norton ShowCredit:



7.30pm, Ten

Graham Norton and his facial hair might be a rare sight on the UK tonight show circuit, now that Adam Hills has shaved off his mighty “Brexit” beard. Joining the fabulous Irish comedian and consummate host are Mark Ruffalo (spruiking legal thriller, Dark Waters), and Friends’ David Schwimmer, who, along with British comedian, Nick Mohammed, stars in Sky One spy comedy, Intelligence. Alicia Keys sings.

Jeffrey DeMunn, Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan in The Green MileCredit:


Movie ★★★½

8.30pm, Nine

This 1999 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel set on death row in 1935 is classic ’90s’ Tom Hanks. Michael Clarke Duncan plays the condemned man with supernatural abilities who catches the eye of Hanks’ thoroughly decent corrections officer, prompting a righteous prison break story followed in the giant footsteps of Shawshank Redemption four years earlier.

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