Turns out the ‘Mrs. Maisel’ stars dish just like their characters

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” has been a starmaker for Rachel Brosnahan and Alex Borstein.

While both actresses had prominent TV roles before the popular Amazon series — Brosnahan in “House of Cards,” Borstein in “Family Guy” — they’ve become household names thanks to their Emmy-winning turns as 1950s Jewish housewife-turned stand up comedian Midge Maisel (Brosnahan) and her no-nonsense manager Susie (Borstein).

Season 2 (out Wednesday) sees Midge navigating her double life, industry sexism and trips to Paris and the Catskills with her overbearing parents (Marin Hinkle and Tony Shalhoub, who garnered an Emmy nomination for his “Mrs. Maisel” performance).

Brosnahan, 27, and Borstein, 47, sat down with The Post for a conversation that zigged and zagged, much in the same way their characters talk onscreen.

Do you get recognized a lot since the show has taken off?

Borstein: While we shoot in New York, when I’m in my little dungarees and suspenders and a hat, I’m so identifiable. Especially on the Upper [West Side].

Brosnahan: Me too. Midge has a very specific look. For me, it’s the West Village.

Borstein: So it’s old Jews and gay men.

Brosnahan: Yes, the old Jews really love “Mrs. Maisel.” [There are] a lot of sneaky selfies by older women who don’t really know how to take selfies. So it’s a lot of people walking by thinking they’re being discreet. What’s interesting that I’ve found …

Borstein: This better be interesting. You prefaced it with “This is interesting.”

Brosnahan: Oh God, the pressure’s on. But what’s interesting is that in my real life, I don’t wear makeup at all, really, and don’t really do my hair. So I’m anonymous for the most part, and that’s lovely. I really only get recognized while we’re working.

What can we expect from Season 2?

Brosnahan: We have, maybe for the first time, shot scenes without each other this season. Alex had a scene with other family members. Worlds are colliding and intersecting. There’s a lot of new locations this season.

Borstein: [Like] a smelly trailer.

Brosnahan: Alex took a sh-t shower.

Borstein: The first season, I was using the shower, and I was like “What’s that smell?” And I called one of the trailer guys and they were like “No, you can’t shower in there. That’s not clean water! You have to tells us before — we need like two day’s notice!” I was like, “What? I’m sweaty now!”

Brosnahan: So Alex took a sh-t shower.

Borstein: We believe I took a feces-infested shower. Or at least bacteria [shower].

Midge and Susie are sometimes friendly and sometimes antagonize each other. What can we expect from their relationship this season?

Brosnahan: They push each other, and it helps them both grow. You’ll definitely see a lot more of that in Season 2. Part of their pushing each other is learning about different worlds. I think Midge benefits much more from learning about Susie’s world than Susie benefits from learning about Midge’s. They’re both needy and ambitious — a recipe for success and disaster. Midge doesn’t know how to do anything halfway, and neither does Susie.

Borstein: When they cast people, they see something in you that they know is going to fit. And there’s definitely chemistry [with us]. That dynamic is right. I’m aggressive and harsh and like a bulldog, and she’s a little bit more like, what, a poodle? What are you?

Brosnahan: A golden retriever?

Borstein: What are those ones that are regal — an Afghan.

Brosnahan: Oh, thank you!

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