Trump supporters ask ‘where is Melania?’

Donald Trump visits East Palestine following train derailment

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Donald Trump is campaigning to be elected president for a second time. The 76-year-old announced his candidacy on November 15, 2022, and has undertaken a number of visits since.

However, his wife Melania Trump has not been by his side at these events. Yesterday, Donald visited East Palestine, Ohio, where a toxic train derailment has devastated the town.

At the visit, Donald took the opportunity to criticise the current government. He said: “We’re standing in America… your goodness and perseverance are met with indifference and betrayal in some case.

“When I announced that I was coming, they changed their tune. It was an amazing phenomenon. What this community needs now are not excuses… but answers and results.”

While some local residents may have been happy to see Mr. Trump, who was joined at the event by Donald Jr., some fans online wanted to know where the former-First Lady was.

Bradley S Barnes responded to a video of Trump arriving in Ohio, and asked: “Where is Melania?”

Account @patriottakes also asked: “Where’s Melania?” Denny Brand asked: “Where is Melania? We never see her.”

It’s not the first time fans have been left asking where Melania was. She also failed to appear by her husband’s side at his first election rallies at the end of January.

He began his 2024 White House bid this past week in New Hampshire and South Carolina. The former-First Lady has often supported her husband in person during his past election campaigns. However, she seems to be choosing to stay at home for events this time.

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Melania Trump was last seen in public on December 31 at a New Year’s event at her Mar-a-Lago home in Florida She wore a stunning silver dress at the party, where she and Donald were joined by hundreds of guests.

He was joined by the likes of legal adviser Rudy Giuliani, businessman Mike Lindell, and pollster Dick Morris. However, Ivanka Trump and Donald Jr. did apparently not attend.

At the event, Donald claimed poll numbers looked “fantastic”. He spoke about some of his policy plans, were he to become president for a second time.

He told reporters at the event: “We need a strong border and we need it now. We also have to bring back the economy…with inflation destroying our country.”

She has also been quiet on her social media accounts. Her last post on Instagram was on January 16 and celebrated Martin Luther King Jr Day, with a tribute to the human rights leader.

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