‘Trolls say my tattoos look like school desk and tell me to stop – but I won’t’

An "impulsive" tattoo lover wants to cover her whole body in designs by the age of 25 – even though her mum wants her to "stop".

Ren – also known as the girl with the bug tattoos – boasts 37,000 followers on TikTok.

On the video-sharing platform, she frequently flaunts her body art in an array of crop tops and low waisted bottoms.

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The alternative model, who is an OnlyFans creator from Australia, plans to continue building on her patchwork collection of insect illustrations.

And that's despite negative comments from online trolls – and family members.

In one viral clip, Ren shared: "When I tell my family I want to be covered in tattoos by the time I'm 25."

She lip synced a Taylor Swift lyric relating to her experience that said: "Horrified looks from everyone in the room but me."

And it seems that her mum isn't too fond of Ren's choice to get inked.

She said: "When my mum tells me I should stop getting impulsive tattoos…"

Then lipsynced along to the audio: "Reduce your expectations to zero."

However, it's not just Ren's loved ones who have issue with her body art.

Despite having thousands of fans, not everyone who watches Ren's videos have been kind towards her inkings – some even called them "basic".

"All your tattoos are basic", one jibed. "Everyone has a butterfly tattoo", another mocked. And, this troll sneered: "You also just look like a middle school desk."

Her frequent posting on TikTok has racked Ren up thousands of views collectively along with remarks of support for patchwork collection of tattoos.

One fan commented: "Do it!!!! I support you 100%."

Another user added: "Yeah but they look good so whatever."

While a third voiced: "I already got a butterfly tattoo but I want to cover my entire body in them. I'M JUST SO IN LOVE."

Someone else defended: "If you like it, you like it, there’s nothing wrong with that."

Meanwhile, a fifth declared: "I have a half sleeve of butterflies. F*** people.


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