Totally Weird and Wonderful Finds We Can't Resist Buying at Urban Outfitters

In today’s edition of things we never knew we needed (but now we definitely do), we’ve scoured the virtual shelves of Urban Outfitters, the trusty retailer that brought you the infamous shower wine glass holder, to find the most unusual items your money can buy. Today’s non-alcoholic offerings are safe for work and sure to please, from the cleaning tool that does double duty as desk décor to the most adorable breakfast-making appliance. Whether you’re looking to amuse yourself or surprise a friend with a seriously unexpected gift, here are our top four finds — enjoy!

Best Multitasking Desk Décor

Don’t be that person. You know, the one at the office with the dust bunnies on their desk? Give yourself the gift of tidiness (and a better reputation) with this desk duster that comes in the adorable form of a pink llama and doubles as a decoration/conversation piece. Thank us later.

Buy It! Llama Desk Duster, $15;

Best for Upsetting Your Cat

Just think of the Instagram opportunities that will come with this set of cat-bunny ears, sure to transform your Mittens or Moppet into a mythical creature of legendary cuteness. Be warned, however — while we are very much amused by this, its intended wearer most likely won’t be. Yes, there may be hissing.

Buy It! Bunny Ear Cat Cap, $8;

Best Distracting Work Accessory

Always cold at the office? Are you that person that keeps a space heater in your cubicle? Then these USB-chargeable fleece handwarmers, which are cleverly shaped like toast (get it—toasty warm?), might be for you. Bonus points for the fact that they’ll distract your coworkers, and even more for the fact that they’re designed to be worn while typing.

Smoko Toast USB Wired Handwarmers, $35;

Best Breakfast Addition

Treat yourself and your favorite brunch companion to tiny waffles — shaped like hearts, no less — for a happier wake-up. Maple syrup not included.

Buy It! Heart Shaped Mini Waffle Maker; $14 (orig. $18);

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