‘Time Theresa May limped off after two humiliating Commons defeats in 24 hours’

In the space of 24 hours, Theresa May has suffered two humiliating defeats in the House of Commons.

On Tuesday, MPs overwhelmingly rejected her unloved Brexit plan. Last night, her own ministers mutinied as the Commons voted to take a no-deal Brexit off the table.

The Prime Minister is no longer in control of her Cabinet, her party or Parliament.

In normal times, you would have expected a person with any dignity to do the honourable thing and resign. Instead, we have the pitiful spectacle of Mrs May limping on in office at a crucial time for the country.

The primary duty of her premiership was to deliver Brexit and she has proved incapable.

The PM has been humbled this week but her blinkered, incompetent and chaotic handling of Brexit is not just a personal embarrassment.

She has turned a country with a reputation for sound government into an international laughing stock.

A word, Boris..

IF there was any doubt Boris Johnson is unfit for office, he proved it conclusively yesterday with his abhorrent comments about the probe into child sex abuse.

The wannabe PM said police had “spaffed” money up the wall by investigating these possible crimes. His language is not just grotesque, it is an insult to survivors of abuse.

If he is worried about the public purse he may want look to his own record as Mayor of London – wasting £53million on the garden bridge project, £300,000 on illegal water cannon and £24million on a rarely-used cable car.

The Tory sees himself as a statesman but the truth is, he is an incompetent hypocrite whose colourful way with words cannot disguise the vileness of his opinions.

Heir-raising fun

Distant relatives the Prince of Wales and Danny Dyer finally met yesterday.

Never mind The Crown, get Charles on screen with his soap royalty “cousin” and there’ll be no Ender viewing pleasure…

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