Thousands of slugs and snails head for homes and cause ‘devastation to gardens’

UK homes will be invaded by slugs and snails because of the recent downpours, experts have warned.

The wet weather will trigger a "considerable increase in slug pressure" this autumn and winter, according to crop protection specialists Certis.

The creatures can cause significant damage to gardens and crops.

However, outdoors experts at has revealed the best ways to get rid of pesky molluscs without using pesticides.

A spokesman told Devon Live : "Slugs and snails probably cause the most devastation to gardens – they’ll think nothing of munching through your prettiest plants and ruining any vegetables you’ve lovingly grown.

“Ideally, we’d all have the time to go around plucking each one by hand, but this can take a while – plus it’s pretty gross.

"Instead, we’ve suggested nine alternative methods that will help you get rid of any slugs and snails in the garden, and then stop others from returning."

The tips include deploying fruit and using rough surfaces.

1. Feed them citrus peels

Slugs love citrus, so don’t throw away your orange or lemon rinds. Instead put them in your garden to bait the slugs and snails away from your plants.

In the morning, check your peels to see if any slugs or snails are on them, and remove these from your garden.

Refresh with new peels as appropriate to continue your decoy operation.

2. Deter with rough surfaces

Slugs and snails hate crawling over scratchy surfaces, so try surrounding the stems of your plants with crushed eggshells or insert a sand-paper collar around the stem. Sprinkling sand around edges would work too. This won’t kill them, but it might slow them down and keep them off your plants.

3. Copper

Strangely enough, research shows that slugs and snails cannot tolerate crawling on copper surfaces, which gives them a mild electrical shock when they crawl over it. So, put copper bands around your flowerpots or beds to deter them from crawling up and onto your plants. Pennies will work just as well too.

4. Herbal repellents

Planting sage or mint around your garden plants will help deter slugs and snails. Other herbs and plants which may deter these critters include garlic, fennel, and even geraniums.

5. Coffee   

Slugs and snails cannot tolerate caffeine, so you can deter them by placing coffee grounds around your plants.

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