This is a horrible solution to ghosting

Your date last weekend seemed great, but after days of dead air, you suspect a blowoff. Who you gonna call?


The dating app is touting a new built-in ghosting buster aimed at preventing negligent singles from abruptly disappearing on romantic prospects whom they find via the service, Huffington Post reports.

The feature, which the UK app-makers expect to roll out internationally soon, will throw annoying reminders at users who let chat threads go cold.

If three days pass and someone hasn’t responded to a message, Badoo will nudge the non-responsive party by offering to transmit one of two automated replies: “Hey I think you’re great, but I don’t see us as a match. Take care!” or “Hey, are you free to meet this week?”

It makes you wonder: Is receiving a robotext really better than getting nothing at all? Does the dater sincerely think the other person is “great” or want the person to “take care”?

In the spirit of ghosts, the real death here may be the emotional maturity of humankind, seeing as how we now need robots to handle difficult conversations for us. RIP.

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