These kids REALLY creeped their parents out!

The mother of all nightmares! Parents share their children’s creepiest moments – from a boy who hangs upside-down to a girl who insisted on wearing a WOLF mask to meet her newborn sibling

  • Parents have shared photos proving just how creepy their children can be 
  • One child stared eerily through a frosted window at her terrified mother
  • A boy was spotted hanging upside down by his feet in his cot like a bat

Most of the time, children are little bundles of joy. But every now and then their behaviour can become truly terrifying, as these photos prove.

Parents from around the world shared snaps of the moments their children left them feeling uneasy, from a little boy who lay in his cot upside-down to a girl who met her newborn sibling while wearing a werewolf mask. 

The best – and most unsettling – examples were collated in a hilarious Bored Panda gallery. 

One little boy left his mother sleeping with one eye open when he told her he wished he could ‘carry her finger with him wherever he went’. Elsewhere, a schoolchild asked to go to Medieval dress-up day in a creepy ‘plague doctor’ costume.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the creepiest examples…

What big teeth you have! Parents from around the world have shown just how creepy their beloved children can be in a gallery for Bored Panda, including this little three-year-old girl who insists on holding her little baby brother while wearing a wolf mask

Bat Kid! Another child in the US was spotted hanging upside down by his feet in his cot on the monitor

I can see you! This impatient toddler took waiting for their mother to finish up in the toilet to a whole new creepy level 

Run! This little girl imprinted her face into the velvet seat which made eerie faces appear on the cushions 

Trick or treat! This kid gave everyone the creeps when he was invited to a wedding but decided to sit alone in a Jason mask instead 

Does he know something I don’t know? Brian Sack, from New York, got this terrifying birthday card from his 11-year-old son which read ‘life’s a waterslide where you die at the end..’ 

Nana, are you there? Laura Bailey, from Los Angeles, said her 2-year-old son gave her the creeps when he said he could hear his grandmother in the walls

Boo! This child made a really creepy Enderman out of cardboard and stood it in a dark corner of the house 

Creepy! Luke Flowers, from LA, took this snap of his little girl at medieval day at school where she desided to dress up like a Plague doctor which was a physician who treated victims of bubonic plague

Watch out! This 8-year-old child decided to creep his parents out by cutting a massive spider out of paper and sticking it on the inside of the lamp 

Sleep with one eye open! Marie Bourgeois, from Florida, was woken up by her three-year-old asking for ‘a piece’ of her to carry with him all day

Holy hell! This young girl decided to draw a picture of an angry devil at mass all while also using the bible as a foot rest

Gross! This child built a cicada skin army in his garden, these are basically molts which are the old exoskeletons of insects

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