These hilarious signs tell customers EXACTLY what they need to know

Talk about mixed messages! These hilariously confusing signs will leave customers scratching their heads

  •  These bizarrely-worded signs were bound to cause customers confusion 
  • One restaurant had a very strict policy on money covered in ‘boob sweat’  
  • Another establishment had implemented a clear ban on food, drink and aliens 
  • Hilarious signs from around the world were collected by ebaumsworld  

A well-placed sign is an ideal way to attract new customers and promote your business, but getting the wording wrong can spell disaster.  

In an attempt to be creative, some businesses have ended up sending out some rather mixed messages, including an establishment that bizarrely banned aliens from the premises. 

Another advertised all-day brunch, served between 7am and 2pm, while another announced a policy on not accepting ‘sweaty’ coins.

Here, FEMAIL have picked the top 15 strangest signs from internet users around the globe, collated by ebaumsworld

Site Ebaumsworld rounded up a selection of the strangest signs spotted around the world, including this Spanish shop with a very clear policy on money that’s been carried inside a bra 

No extra terrestrial activities! An establishment in Vietnam shared their strict policy against having aliens anywhere near their premises 

So, not all day? This restaurant is very honest about what they consider to be all day, clearly staring that they’ll be shutting at 2pm 

Drink up! Although one establishment in America doesn’t allow alcohol, they’re extremely transparent about what to do with it 

#DILF! Fathers shopping the British High Street who love fashion know exactly where to go with this very obvious sign 

A place that holds an obvious aversion to cake was clear about what customers should eat while on their premises, seen in a sign thought to be in America

Wi-not? Wine lovers need not fear on this US road as they can clearly see exactly where they need to go to buy a bottle 

Fresh air please! Customers in China were very bluntly warned that farting inside one specific room would not be tolerated

This sign in Canada informs passersby that they’ll have to use the push door due to a moose-based incident 

This sign let’s customers know that they are only lucky enough to have a raccoon on their heads if the animal chooses them 

Children at one Disney theme park were warned before riding that crying wouldn’t be enough to shut down the whole thing for others 

This town in Australia is still waiting for it’s big moment and is very honest about their lack of celebrity status 

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