There’s No Place Like a Cozy Home! See Interior Designer Leanne Ford's Tips

There’s no place like home! Making your personal space warm and inviting can be a daunting task, but interior designer Leanne Ford is sharing her tips on how to make your house feel fresh and cozy without breaking the bank.

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The first step the HGTV star encourages people to take when attempting to make a room feel brand new is to edit. “Look around your space — what can you get rid of? If it’s not serving a purpose or beautiful, ditch it,” Ford exclusively tells Us Weekly noting that it is important to be as “brutal” as possible while tidying. “Getting rid of visual clutter [can make a huge] difference. Everything must go!”

The concept of decluttering and tossing things that don’t spark joy was made popular by Japanese organizing consultant and author Marie Kondo. For the items you do not want to say farewell to, Ford suggests corralling the knick-knacks that may contribute to your home’s disorganization.

“We all have collections of things and stuff. The [secret] is to keep it all together,” the Restored by the Fords star reveals. Ford recommends using eye-catching vintage bowls on an entry table for things like your keys, or utilizing a spare shelf for your special mementos and collectibles. “Let it all live closely together for visual effect. Bowls and baskets are your besties!”

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If you want to change up your home, the TV personality insists you don’t need a big budget or fancy designer — you can do it all yourself! “Play with what you have,” urges Ford. “Rearrange furniture, move your art, look at your room differently and open your mind. Let yourself [have fun].”

The Ohio University grad released Feel Free, a brand new art and home magazine now available on newsstands. In the latest issue, she reveals how color choices can make a powerful impact.

“I show some amazing before and afters. You wouldn’t believe how fresh your space will feel with a new coat of paint,” says the TV host. “I even have a quiz in the magazine for you … to paint or not to paint your brick,” teases Ford. “It’s a polarizing subject, but let’s just say I never met a white brick wall I didn’t love.”

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One lesson to take from Ford is to think outside the box when on the hunt for new decor options while encouraging people to get crafty. The expert decorator advises staying “in neutral and tonal colors” if looking to make something chic.

“We are all creative. If you don’t want to hang your own work on your walls, then do some art with a friend and swap,” Ford suggests. “I use white a lot in my work because, quite frankly, it’s kind of an easy win. It always looks good.”

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