There's a new Sour Apple flavour Dipdab and we can't wait to try it

PREPARE to have memories of pocket money well spent brought back, as retro confectionery Barratts returns to shelves.

And they are bringing with it a very modern new addition to the Dipdab family.

The sweet-maker is best known for retro favourites including Wham, Refreshers, and Fruit Salad.

In celebration of 170 years in production, Barratts are marking the occasion with the comeback.

The Sour Apple flavour Dipdab is twist on the classic lolly, which was very popular in the eighties and nineties.

And in true old school fashion the soursherbet dip is said turn your tongue bright green.

Other classic sweets making a comeback under the Barratt umbrella include Refreshers, Nougat, Sherbet Fountain, Fruit Salad, and Black Jack.

In addition to this other pick ‘n’ mix mainstays like Milk Bottles, Foam Shrimps and Dolly Mix, will also return.

Russell Tanner, Marketing and Category Director at parent company Tangerine Confectionery, said: “The return of Barratt is incredibly exciting for sweet lovers of all ages, for adults rekindling sweet memories of their school days and sharing them with their kids, and those enjoying the products for the first time.

“The Barratt brand is known and trusted for its quality and innovation and its relaunch is set to bring back all the pleasures of the classics while also offering some new creations and recipes that put a spin on the originals.

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My favourite growing up was the Dipdab, and I can safely say the new addition to the Dipdab family lives up to the original!”

The tongue tingling new Sour Apple Dipdab is available now from Asda and various independent retailers.

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