‘The Voice’ Champ Jordan Smith Reveals How ‘Ashes’ Ended Up Being Performed By Celine Dion — Watch

Season 9 champ Jordan Smith reveals what inspired ‘Ashes’ and how the song ended up being performed by the legendary Celine Dion for ‘Deadpool 2’ in our EXCLUSIVE video. Watch now!

Jordan Smith is the writer of the hit song “Ashes” that Celine Dion performed for Deadpool 2, and he talks about the song’s journey from Kentucky to the big screen. He came up with “Ashes” while driving back home in Kentucky. A couple he was close to was “going through a difficult time,” and he just started singing a melody that would become “Ashes.”

The season 9 winner of The Voice explains how he found out Celine would be singing his song. “I’m sitting and I’m looking down at my phone, and my manager says, ‘Call me right now. I have something to tell you.’ And so I pick up the phone and I call her and she says, ‘Well, you just wrote a song for Celine Dion.’” What an achievement!

He also presented the song to Deadpool 2 director David Leitch and star Ryan Reynolds. “They loved the song, so we worked with them to make the demo that we had into something perfect that could fit into a really special part of the film,” Jordan says. He calls the whole journey a “dream come true” and something he’ll never forget. The song and music video, featuring Celine and Ryan as Deadpool, is truly iconic!

Jordan eventually went to Las Vegas to see Celine perform live at Caesar’s Palace, where she currently has a residency. She had the spotlight on him and gave him a cool shoutout during the show. “It doesn’t get any better than that,” Jordan admits. The Voice season 15 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC. The season 15 finale will air Dec. 18 on NBC.

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