The Second Mercury Retrograde of 2021 Is Basically Guaranteed to Bring Back Your Ex

It’s that time of year again: Mercury Retrograde! Starting on May 29, the planet of communication, commerce, and travel is moving backwards until June 22. This is all going down in the sign of Gemini, so mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are experience the most chaos this retrograde (sorry!!!), while air signs Libra and Aquarius will have a much smoother experience.

For the next few weeks, expect technology glitches (now is not the time to upgrade your phone), past connections coming back (AKA your ex texting you at 3AM), and all sorts of scheduling mishaps (so make sure your summer vacay plans are set in stone). Gemini is one of Mercury’s fave signs to hang out in, so this retrograde should be a little more gentler than others—but because Mercury in Gemini is about connecting with tons of people, and Venus is also in Gemini right now, this particular retrograde will bring back tons of exes.

Try to stay open-minded during this retrograde. You’re revisiting past relationships, projects, and jobs for a reason. There’s still more information you need to learn before you can decide whether you want to fully move on, or start introducing these people/things back into your life. But since Mercury Retrograde puts life in a state of flux, this is absolutely not the time to DTR or begin any new jobs, if you can help it!

In fact, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is one of the most impatient, fast-paced transits, so it feels remarkably difficult to think in the long-term. Slow down, stay grounded, and consider very carefully before making any decisions or starting important conversations, if you want to avoid unnecessary drama!

Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rep for being super scary, but listen—Mercury Retrograde occurs three or four times per year, which is a lot, and it’s never totally life ruining. This is just a regular cycle that allows us to hit “pause” and reflect. Is it tough confronting the past? It sure is! But is it necessary work, if you want to move on and go further in life? You bet. Be flexible, triple-check your schedule, and try to think before you speak, and you can make it through this retrograde unscathed!

Read your Sun/Rising horoscope for Mercury Retrograde in Gemini:


The theme of your retrograde = word vomit, Aries. You’ve lost your gift of gab! Think very carefully before you speak. Spell check all your important emails. Make sure you’re not leaving people on read. Some major convos are coming up, but as long as you’re thoughtful, patient, and considerate, you’ll be absolutely fine!


It’s time to open all those letters from your bank that have been stacking up for the past six months, Taurus. You’ve gotta pour over your finances, make sure you’re not overspending, and figure out how you can manage your money. The temptation to splurge on cute outfits or impulse buys is strong for the next few weeks, I get it, but you should really resist—trust me!


Uh oh, Mercury’s going retrograde in your sign this go ‘round! So, for the next three weeks, you’re attracting loads of new connections (yay!), but struggling to find the time to enjoy their company—because you’re too busy dealing with jobs, relationships, and other crap from the past! If you’re able to be prompt and responsible when you’re dealing with these leftover obligations from the past, you’ll totally be able to enjoy the end of your Gemini season, though!


This retrograde is lighting up your chart’s twelfth house, which governs the completion of cycles, so you’re really getting your spot blown up by your ex. You hate confrontation and almost always choose to avoid drama because you’re so sensitive, but you can’t put this off any longer! Just treat the beef like a Band-Aid—grab it and rip it off. It’ll be uncomfortable, but it’ll be over in like two milliseconds, so you just gotta do the thing!


It feels like your social life is stuck in a demented game of musical chairs. There are tons of “he said, she said” texts going around, you’re going back-and-forth from people’s good side to their shit list, and people are hecticly shuffling in and out of your squad! This is a time to keep it real with yourself: Who exactly is causing the trouble? Who in your crew is being toxic, shady, or just simply a shitty friend? It’s hard to cut people off, especially when you have history with them, but now’s the time to clear out the duds from your social life so you can introduce new, better friends in the future!


This Mercury Retrograde is a critical one for you, Virgo. You’ve just reached a big goal (or you’re so close to reaching it), but before you can celebrate your victory, you need to deal with all the work you’ve been putting off in the meantime Sure, maybe you just slayed a big presentation at work, but when your boss calls you out the next day for the fifty stacks of late work on your desk, you’ll feel like a real clown.


First thing’s first—if you have any travel plans for the next month or so, make sure you’re as diligent as possible about keeping up with your schedule, arriving on time, and triple-checking everything! Second of all—if you’re a student, or thinking about going to school, you better be checking your email fifty times a day! Miscommunications, scheduling mishaps, or issues registering for class are pretty likely rn, but don’t worry—your sign’s getting a more easy-breezy retrograde than usual, so don’t expect too much drama.


Stay on top of your bills, Scorpio! Your chart’s eighth house, which governs debt, is being lit up by this retrograde. Unexpected bills, surprise expenses, etc. are showing up to your mailbox, because you’ve really just not been on top of your finances lately. You’re not going to go from ballin’ on a budget to totally broke by any means, but seriously, keep an eye on your bank account!

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This retrograde is directly impacting your relationships. If there are any imbalances, hidden feelings of resentment or jealousy, or secrets between you and your boo, they’re certain to come up. Your job right now is to listen. Don’t open your mouth every single time you want to make a remark. Once you can hear out your partner without reservation and honestly communicate your own wants/needs/feeling, then you’ll be able to successfully solve the drama.


Work, work, and more work is on your schedule this Mercury Retrograde. You’re not being assigned more work, however—you’re just having to deal with loads of busy work from the past that you swept to the side. Even life at home is starting to feel extremely unorganized—and that’s because it is! How can you survive? Spend this retrograde fixing your schedule, taking better care of yourself, and tidying up, and you’ll find your way to a less stressful, more productive lifestyle.


As far as Mercury Retrograde goes, this one’s not so bad! Who or what used to spark passion in your life? Why did it fizzle out? Now’s your chance to reconnect with old jobs, projects, or hobbies that you used to love, and start to bring them back into your life if you think they’re worth it. This is also your chance to find the lost spark in your relationship—or discover that your relationship’s not worth saving, and start moving onto the next best thing.


Life at home is getting a little wild! You’re likely dealing with an appliance or two breaking down—but if you can’t get it fixed, do your best to avoid purchasing anything new before the retrograde ends! This is also a tough time for moving—make sure you’re triple-checking the fine print on your lease and whatnot! If you absolutely need that new coffee pot, or have to move, don’t let this retrograde’s wonky vibes stop you. Just make sure you read all the fine print on the return policy or your new lease!

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