The Rolling Stones: Rock’s Billion Dollar Band Plays On

The British Invasion – it was arguably the biggest music craze of the twentieth century and saw millions of fan girls screaming at the the top of their longs for their favorite bands. From The Beatles to The Who, English bands were suddenly popping out of nowhere. The bands from across the pond broke sales record and, in many ways, cultivated ‘pop’ sound that we hear today.

The Rolling Stones are without a doubt one of the British Invasions biggest stars, selling over 240 million copies of their albums. While most groups from their era are either inactive or long gone, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood are still jamming it out across the country. Though the pandemic put a damper on their newest tour ‘No Filter’, the iconic band is set to take the stage once more!

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The Beast of Burden

It goes without saying that the pandemic has been a burden on the entire world. From empty workspaces to empty restaurants, everything stopped when COVID hit and practically everyone resorted to being cooped up in their home for a seemingly never ending quarantine.

While the effects of lockdown poorly affected almost every industry, the music biz took one of the biggest hits. Almost every concert and tour had been either postponed or shutdown entirely. The music industry had already seen a fall in physical records sales of 11%, but the biggest damage came from the sponsorships lost from concert shutdowns. The Wall Street Journal estimated the losses of sponsorships in 2020 to be a whopping $10 billion.

This massive inconvenience was the exact reason why Stones die-hards had to cancel their summer plans to see the legendary band with their own eyes. The announcement of the ‘No Filter’ Tour’s unfortunate postponing came out last March. The band took to social media to express their disappointment. But, within the same breath, they promised to return when all was back to normal.

“To everyone got tickets to the No Filter Tour, I’m sorry the shows have to be postponed but staying healthy is everyone’s priority right now,” front man Mick Jagger tells fans on his Instagram, “We are raring to get back on the stage and as soon as that’s possible we will be there.”

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The Legends Return

After sixteen months of quarantine, fans rejoiced as news came out earlier this month of the band keeping their promise. The ‘No Filter’ Tour will certainly rage on as folks who bought tickets a year ago will get  a reserved seat for any rescheduled performance. While America’s seen a recent spike in COVID cases thanks to the new Delta variant, fans can rest assured that each concert will be housed outdoors with restrictions being set by their perspective cities.

‘No Filter’ starts of in St. Louis. The band’ll pack up their instruments and rock out to the oldies in Dallas, Pittsburg, Atlanta and a handful of other locations.

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The tour was made possible by a the sponsorship of nonprofit Alliance for Lifetime Income. Based in the country’s capitol, Alliance for Lifetime Income works to educate American about the importance of protected income within retirement – surely targeting the more mature audience members at No Filter that have been with the band since day one.

The Band That Keeps On Going

There’s so many bands that fans will never get to hear play live again. Whether it be the death of a member like Jim Morrison from the Doors or a brutal breakup like that of CSNY’s David Crosby tell Neil Young that his wife looks like a turtle, there are some groups that just won’t be seen performing together.

The Rolling Stones have solidified their selves as a entertaining machine, preforming almost non-stop for six decades come next year. While other bands from their time have long since thrown in the towel, the Stones commitment to touring has made them a sizable amount of dough to add up to their already massive fortune.

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According to Celebrity Net Worth, their last three concert endeavors alone have made up to $1 billion. They currently hold three spots in the ranking 20 highest grossing tours (4th, 9th and 20th.)

At the fourth spot is the band’s 2005-07 ‘A Bigger Band Tour’ with almost $700 million ticket gross, placing right under Guns N Roses’ ‘Not in This Lifetime… Tour’. The aforementioned ‘No Filter’ made the ninth spot with $415 million since it launched in 2017. While the ‘Voodoo Lounge Tour’ made it to the bottom spot of the list with $320 million, it ranked #1 in the highest grossing tours of the 90’s alongside their ’97-98 ‘Bridges to Babylon Tour’ which took the second spot with $274 million.

With a handful of concert dates for ‘No Filter’ and millions of adoring fans waiting to break their quarantine music slump, there’s no telling where the tour will place in the near future!

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