The Queen is suffering immense ‘sadness’ over never seeing Archie and not meeting new baby

Royal expert editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine in the UK, Ingrid Seward, has revealed the decision that Harry and Meghan have made to settle in California with their children has been a staggering low point for the monarchy.

“The Sussexes have barely set foot in the UK since relocating to the US and are unlikely to return any time soon,” Seward said.

“Meghan is due to give birth to their daughter – the Queen’s 11th great-grandchild – imminently, but unless Meghan and Harry bring the baby to Britain, the Queen won’t get to meet her.

“She has barely seen Archie since he was born, a source of sadness for her – though she is said to have wished him happy birthday via Zoom when he turned 2 this month.”

Royal author, Phil Dampier, has also spoken out about the status of the Queen’s relationship with Meghan and Harry’s children, being critical of the Sussexes’ decision to keep them apart.

Dampier told The Sun: “I think there is a very real danger the Queen will never see Archie again or never see her new great-granddaughter, which is tragic.

“I can’t see how when they [Meghan and Harry] go on about compassion and family problems but don’t let their … great-grandmother see Archie.”

Seward claims that her relationship with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren is of the utmost importance to Queen Elizabeth, going so far as to say it “is what keeps her going”.

“With the Queen having recently lost her husband of 70 years, Prince Phillip, and one of her dogs, we hope that the royals on both sides of the Atlantic find a way to come together for the birth of Harry and Meghan’s second child – for all of their sakes.”

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