The New Moon Is in Virgo, So Make a Plan to Achieve All Your Dreams

When we choose selflessness, blessings return to us tenfold. It’s easy to get caught up with our own baggage and neglect to tend to those around us. The universe can be understanding, so try not to give until you’re actually capable of the heavy lifting. On September 6 at 8:52 P.M. EST, the New Moon is in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is noted for being a mutable earth sign, regarded for its natural inclination to serve others.

Occurring at 14 degrees, September’s New Moon is calling for us to work towards establishing a stable foundation. As the seasons change and the fall equinox approaches, ensure that you have developed a strong routine. On this New Moon, commit to creating specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based monthly goals. Smart goals are how you manifest your dreams.

Read your New Moon horoscope:


Get your life in order! The New Moon in Virgo is giving you plenty of reason to tighten up and tidy up. Cut out habits that are no longing serving you to make room for new routines and rituals. You could find that cutting an unhealthy addiction will benefit you for years to come. You might not see how it can positively transform your life yet, so try to keep an open mind!


Allow yourself to get messy. You have the type of energy that likes to stand firm on your own two feet. The idea of things being out of order would mean that you’re losing control over your own domain. It ‘s understandable that you would want a strong handle over your life, however, you have to learn to let go of the reins a little! It’s when we let go that happy accidents can occur.


Your home life appears to be in flux. As the leaves fall and the seasons change, you may feel as though you have to watch what feels familiar wither away. Try not to stay sad for too long—this is the beginning of a new era. Keep in mind the home that you want to manifest for yourself. It’s much more attainable than you may initially realize.


The words that you have held so closely against your tongue cannot be contained by your teeth any longer. This New Moon is giving light to unexpressed emotions and that is for your betterment, dear. If you are frustrated and upset right now, it is understandable. Make sure that you’re voicing your concerns. There are people around you who wish to show you care.


Take a moment to admire your current financial state. It’s easy to become frustrated when our bank accounts don’t reflect exactly what we would like them to—that being said, you’re doing fine. Try to keep money available for a surprise expense. Don’t get discouraged by money that’s lost, and consider whatever you’re spending for investing in yourself. Remember, it takes money to make money.


Happy Virgo season, and a special celebratory message to those who are experiencing their solar return on the New Moon! This period of time is recharging you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Take stock of the person that you’re becoming and show yourself some appreciation. This New Moon is allowing you to commemorate your growth.


Darling Libra, your birthday is right around the corner! Try not to let dreams deferred or last-minute cancelations overwhelm you out during this Virgo season. It’s easy to let what is not working stress you out, but try to remember that sometimes things fall apart. Allow for life to happen as it occurs, and trust that you’ll find your stable footing in due time.


You can truly benefit from being very clear on what it is you want to manifest. Try to refrain from being a careless dreamer. Throwing ideas with no plans into the air serves no one. Anyone can talk about their dreams, but those who sit down and create a clear strategy are rewarded for their execution. Manifestations on the New Moon only come to light when the Sun rises to the occasion, Scorpio!


Are you ready to welcome new career changes into your life? As fall approaches, you’re going to see significant changes in the way that you’re seen by others. Enjoy the boost of energy and be sure to buy a planner. Time management will be your friend in the upcoming months. Congratulations!


There is strength in detachment, of course, you don’t need to be told that twice. Let this New Moon be an excuse to get away and travel somewhere you can let your mind wander. Looking a life from a new perspective can help you gain more clarity on what your next move is.


Keep your head up, the moving parts will find their place in time. As people shift in and out of your life, rest assured that these changes are necessary. You’re experiencing certain changes because they are critical for your personal development. Be patient with your feelings. Even if you can’t put your frustration into words now, you’ll find ways to articulate yourself later.


Showing patience within your relationships will prove be to your benefit. You may find that those around you are quite hard-headed and unable to understand what you already know. Give your loved ones the benefit of the doubt. Eventually, they’ll show you that they are listening. Be open to being pleasantly surprised. The care you give will be appreciated.

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