The Most Unique Houses Available on Airbnb

Planning your next vacation and looking to stay somewhere a little off the beaten path? Staying in a rental is a great way to immerse yourself in a new place, live like a local and save some cash. While Airbnb is a go-to resource for finding affordable city apartments or basic beach houses, the site also offers an impressive array of offbeat rental properties. I’m talking castles, tree houses and even a snow igloo and a bubble dome. To save you hours of scouring through Airbnb looking for the most unique homes, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and found the out-of-this-world homes everyone needs to visit at least once.

A version of this article was originally published May 2019.

To get you started on your outside-the-box rental journey, we rounded up the most unique homes available on Airbnb right now for a range of tastes and styles. Ditch the boring hotel room and stay in a truly unforgettable property on your next vacation.

Secluded Tree House in Atlanta

Just minutes from downtown Atlanta, this secluded property is an urban retreat like no other. The tree house provides an intimate, simple and restful retreat for two. 

Atlanta tree house, $335 per night at Airbnb

Snow Igloo in Finland

Ditch the comfy hotel bed and opt for a cozy sleeping bag in this stylish snow igloo complete with ice lanterns, reindeer skin-covered furniture and plenty of hot tea and gingerbread cookies. 

Snow igloo, $127 per night at Airbnb

Wilton Castle in Ireland

Embrace your inner royal in this 19th-century seven-bedroom castle set on the banks of the Boro River in Southeast Ireland. 

Irish castle, $1,270 per night at Airbnb

Sri Lankan Tea Estate

If your vacation fantasy involves a 98-acre Sri Lankan tea estate, stunning mountain views and a plunge pool off your bedroom, look no further. 

Sri Lankan bungalow, $330 per night at Airbnb

Airstream in Malibu

Reconnect with nature on your own private deck in this chic, minimalist Airstream just a short drive from LA. 

Airstream RV,  $600 per night at Airbnb

Joshua Tree Tent

Go off-the-grid and stay in this secluded Joshua Tree tent. After a day of hiking through cacti and canyons, you'll have a front-row seat to an unforgettable Mohave sunset.

Joshua Tree tent,  $47 per night at Airbnb

Apartment in Gallipoli, Italy

Live like 18th-century nobility in this baroque-style palazzo blocks from the beach in Puglia, Italy. 

Italian apartment, $30 per night at Airbnb

Bubble Dome in Northern Ireland

These unique bubble domes are set in a 50-acre forest and have 180-degree transparent walls allowing full view of the night sky and forest. 

Bubble dome, $383 per night at Airbnb

Seashell House in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Looking to get away from the Cancun crowds? This unique seashell house is the work of architect Eduardo Ocampo and his artist brother Octavio and offers guests striking ocean views and easy beach access. 

Seashell house, $267 per night at Airbnb

A Sheepherder’s Wagon in Colorado

Who knew a shepherd’s wagon on a remote farm could make such a cozy home?

Covered wagon, $57 per night at Airbnb

Eco Cottage in South Africa

Just 35 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Durban, Kerri's retreat offers a peaceful escape to the tropics. Enjoy the beautiful gardens and use the meditation studio for self-practice. 

Glass cottage, $103 per night at Airbnb

A Yurt in Malibu

Tucked into the mountains of Malibu on an organic citrus farm, this eco-friendly yurt has all the modern amenities and is just a three-minute drive to the beach. 

Malibu yurt, $175 per night at Airbnb

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