The Capture episode five: What exactly is “correction” and is Hannah still alive?

The penultimate episode of The Capture was a cracker, full of flashbacks and big  answers. Here’s what happened, along with all the questions we’re still asking.

From the moment DI Rachel Carey (Holliday Grainger) cracks by sobbing on her parents’ kitchen counter, we know The Capture episode five is going to be a good ‘un. And the following scene, which shows Shaun Emery (Callum Turner) watching the real CCTV footage of what happened on the night of Hannah Robert’s (Laura Haddock) “disappearance”, was enough to cause a chorus of sighs of relief around the UK. Oh, and it’s an even bigger relief to see that DS Patrick Flynn (Cavan Clerkin) hasn’t been harmed since episode four (hang in there, Patrick).

But the relief is very short lived…

To quickly recap: we discover that Hannah was in on her own disappearance all along. She planned it with snaky Charlie Hall (Barry Ward) and Alma Dahmani (Adelayo Adedayo) to expose the intelligence services’ use of “correction” in terrorist cases. Unfortunately, Shaun was the dummy they used as part of their plan. Although Shaun didn’t kill Hannah, Frank Napier (Ron Perlman) and his CIA squad tracked her down to stop details of correction getting out. Shaun is now being asked by Charlie and Alma to help them finish their mission. But he chooses to partner up with Rachel, who helps him to escape the police again and tells him she wants to help prove his innocence. 

Yes, we got some seriously big answers. But, once again, we also have some burning questions… and the final one might surprise you. 

What the hell is “correction” in The Capture?

This case was never actually about stitching Shaun up for something he didn’t do, as we first thought. The whole fiasco is happening because Hannah and Charlie want to expose the practice of correction in terrorism cases. DSU Gemma Garland (Lia Williams), Danny Hart (Ben Miles) and Frank basically all admit that they manipulate and “correct” CCTV footage to help in the terrorism cases that they handle. Hannah says that justice is about innocent until proven guilty – which is why she will go to such extreme lengths to call out correction. However, this also means that Gemma, Danny and Frank will go to equally extreme lengths to protect it and save their careers. 

How were Hannah and Charlie going to expose “correction”?

Charlie and Hannah teamed up with the relatives of their clients who have been imprisoned as a result of correction (including Alma, whose brother we see in prison). Their plan was to expose correction by… well, using correction.  After faking the CCTV footage of Hannah’s “attack” and stitching Shaun up, Hannah was supposed to stay in hiding until his trial and then reappear – this would expose that Shaun had been found guilty based on the use of correction. However, this plan is slightly hindered when Hannah is tracked down and killed by Frank (well, that’s what we’re led to believe happened). After telling Shaun everything, Charlie and Alma now want Shaun to help them complete what they set out to do. As you can guess, Shaun is having none of it…

What’s Rachel’s role in all of this?

We don’t see as much of Rachel in this episode. She learns about everything that has been going on from her former lover and boss Danny (that rat), and cannot believe what she’s hearing. She also feels completely used, which gives her ammunition to take down Danny, Frank and Gemma. To do this, she enlists the help of Patrick (who is the real hero of this series) and talks Shaun into joining her at the end of the episode. Here’s hoping that they manage to expose both the use of correction and Hannah and Charlie’s fake murder case in the series finale. 

What will happen to Eli?

Poor Eli Jacobi (Alexander Forsyth) is the CIA whistleblower who helps Hannah and Charlie with all things technical. But Frank finds out what he’s been doing and we last see him about to be tortured. We do not think we will be seeing Eli again. 

Who are the real bad guys in The Capture?

It’s hard to say who we should be rooting for here. Everyone is guilty of something, apart from Rachel. Although Shaun is being accused of doing something he didn’t do, we’re still not 100% sure that he’s innocent in the previous Afghanistan case. And although Hannah and Charlie were trying to expose a terrible practice, we don’t know if their actions would actually result in some terrorists walking away free. Perhaps the real bad guys here are Gemma, Danny and Frank – but are they only working to protect their countries’ security? 

And last, but not least…

Is Hannah actually still alive?

When Rachel, Patrick and Shaun arrive at Rachel’s parents’ house, there is a person looking out from the top window as they let themselves in. We know that Rachel’s parents are away, and that only her sister is home. Is it her sister or someone else? And could it be Hannah? It’s a certainly a theory on Twitter. After all, we saw Frank’s team tasering Hannah, but we didn’t actually see them kill her. 

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All we know is that we absolutely have to get all these answers in next week’s final episode of the series. 

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