The best plants to put in your bathroom

In case you haven’t heard, having plants in your bathroom is a major trend.

Having plants anywhere is cool, obviously – millennials are obsessed with greenery, after all – but take a browse through Pinterest and Instagram and you’ll see the most stylish bathrooms come complete with some leaves.

Before you go ahead and move your kitchen plants to your sink, it’s important to note which plants actually thrive in the damp, humid environment of the room where you shower and bathe.

Chanel de Kock, country manager of the Flower Council, tells that the plants best suited for bathrooms are those ‘you’d generally find in a rainforest where the light is low and the humidity is relatively high.’

She says: ‘Ferns, Tillandsia, Spathiphyllum (Peace lily), and Ficus pumila.

‘What they have in common is that they grow in an environment that resembles a tropical rainforest. And that in turn is very similar to the bathroom after the morning rush; the moisture and steam left behind offer ideal conditions for these plants.’

You want plants that love plenty of water and little light, basically, and won’t die in high humidity areas.

We’ve listed a couple of the prettiest plants to put in your bathroom below.


Ferns of all descriptions do well in bathroom areas – prop them along the side of your bathtub, on the sink, or on a plant stand on the floor.

There are plenty of types of fern to choose from: asparagus, maidenhair, boston. Pick your favourite and go all out, or mix and match to create a lush fern corner.

Ferns like low levels of light (ideal if your bathroom doesn’t have massive windows), plenty of shade, and high humidity.

Even with the moisture from your daily shower, though, it’s still worth giving ferns a frequent water. Their soil should be damp, not dry or soaking.


Peace Lily

Peace Lilies look splendid and will easily adapt to lower light levels.

They need their soil to be kept moist at all times, and prefer the high levels of humidity provided by a bathroom.

Peace Lilies are also air-purifying.



We love the beautiful leaves of calatheas. They’re also known as prayer plants, as at night the leaves curl up at night like hands in prayer.

They work gloriously well in bathrooms as they like shady spots and high humidity.

Wipe the leaves when they get dusty to ensure they can still soak up indirect light.


Ivy looks great in a hanging planter by the tub.

It’s a pretty hardy plant, but it doesn’t like high heat – so avoid keeping your ivy near the radiator.



Most palms love high humidity and can deal with direct or indirect light.

They also look glorious, and are super trendy. Stick a couple in a corner or under the sink to instantly transform your bathroom.

Palms like their soil to be moist so water regularly.

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