The best books of the week

Such a Fun Age
Kiley Reid (fiction, G.P. Putnam’s Sons)
A sharply clever debut novel about the uneasy relationship between a privileged young woman, Alix, and her black babysitter, Emira, who is stopped by a security guard one night while taking care of Alix’s child. All manner of awkwardness ensues.

The God Game
Danny Tobey (fiction, St. Martin’s Press)
Charlie and his friends have entered the G.O.D. game, a video game orchestrated by a group of underground hackers and an AI that believes it is God. If you win, you are rewarded handsomely. And if you lose, you just might die in real life.

The Little Bookshop on the Seine
Rebecca Raisin (fiction, HQN Books)
Bookshop owner Sarah has just been offered the chance of a lifetime: a six-month swap in Paris with her friend Sophie (think “The Holiday,” except with bookstores.) As it turns out, adjusting to the City of Light isn’t easy.

Wilmington’s Lie: The Murderous Coup of 1898 and the Rise of White Supremacy
David Zucchino (nonfiction, Atlantic Monthly Press)
1890s Wilmington was North Carolina’s largest city and a great example of a place where different races coexisted and thrived. But in 1898, a string of actions led to more than 2,000 heavily armed Red Shirts storming the streets, killing more than 60 black men.

The Heap
Sean Adams (fiction, William Morrow)
Standing 500 stories tall, Los Verticalés used to be a bustling building. Now it’s fallen into a heap of rubble. But Orville Anders’ brother Bernard is in that heap, miraculously still alive, and Orville is determined to get to him. Darkly funny and dystopian.

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