The Bachelor: Hannah G.'s Chances For a Fantasy Suite Date Aren't Looking Good, Ya'll

Colton Underwood remained a virgin after a Fantasy Suite date with Tayshia, with whom he wasn’t ready to take that step, and a half-ish Fantasy Suite date with Cassie that caused him to jump a fence. Maybe third time’s a charm! But we wouldn’t hold our breath on that. It seems nearly impossible that Colton would move forward in The Bachelor process. Here’s what we know about that lingering date with Hannah Godwin.

Being on a dating show that moves so quickly requires contestants to be honest, no matter how painful it might be. We learned that during his overnight date with Tayshia, upon which Colton couldn’t help but think about his relationships with Cassie Randolph and Hannah G. However, when he got that coveted one-on-one time with Cassie, it went south quickly. But Colton admitted that he loved her and she was “the one,” so how could he possibly go on that final Fantasy Suite date with another woman?

Keep in mind that at this point in the season, Hannah G. is completely in the dark. She has no idea about the heartbreak that unfolded on Colton and Cassie’s date, and she probably still thinks that she’ll have private overnight time with the possible man of her dreams. Ignorance is indeed bliss for her . . . for now.

In the previews for the two-night finale, we see that Hannah G. is in Portugal, where the dates are taking place, and she’s planning to put it all out there and tell Colton that she loves him. However, in another scene, we see that she’s in tears. We could speculate all day what could have led her to that point, but we’re guessing that this possible spoiler might have something to do with it.

While we can’t say without a doubt, we find it hard to believe that anyone would move forward with an overnight date given the circumstances. But any lingering questions are bound to be answered during the two-night live finale!

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