The ‘Artemis Fowl’ Teaser Will Bring You Back To Your Fave Childhood Series

If you were in elementary school or middle school during the early 2000s, chances are you were obsessed with the YA fantasy series started by Artemis Fowl. Even if you didn’t dive into the sci-fi books written by Irish author Eoin Colfer, you probably knew some people who did. And now, 17 years after the first book was published, Disney has released its first teaser trailer for Artemis Fowl the movie, which is set to come out on Aug. 9, 2019. There’s nothing like a Disney adaptation of a childhood favorite to make you feel like a tween again.

Just days after Disney released the first teaser trailer for its new live-action version of The Lion King, tons of adults are having yet another opportunity to geek out over the stories of their past being brought to life on the big screen. All over Twitter, fans of Colfer’s hit series, which in total consisted of eight Artemis Fowl books, are sharing their reactions for teaser trailer released on Tuesday morning. And, it’s safe to say the they’re already impatient to see the film.

Based on the Artemis Fowl teaser trailer, it’s pretty hard to tell what way the movie will go. But, after watching just about a minute and-a-half, fans can definitely pick up on a few big changes from the books, though.

In the Artemis Fowl teaser trailer, you hear a gravely voice narrating on behalf of the fairies. "Our world has never been in more danger. Human breed is what drove us underground all those years ago," the voice states ominously. That narrator likely is none other than Dame Judi Dench, who plays Commander Root, the fairy head of the LEPrecon. Fans of the books likely heard a record-scratch sound effect in their heads after reading that a woman plays Root, as the Artemis Fowl books portrayed the fairy commander as a man.

The trailer only shows Dench as Root for a split-second, though, so for many Artemis fans, the gender-switch might even remain unnoticed until a longer trailer for the movie comes out. Some fans, however, have taken note of Dench’s casting, and most people on Twitter seem pleasantly surprised.

Meanwhile, the new teaser trailer provides more substantial glimpses at the movie’s other main characters, Artemis and Butler. A newcomer named Ferdia Shaw plays Artemis, the young genius who enters the fairy world in hopes of finding his father. And British-Nigerian actor Nonso Anozie plays Butler, Artemis’ muscular bodyguard/accomplice. (Butler’s casting provides another departure from the books’ descriptions of the character, which state that the character is Eurasian.)

Most fans of the original books seem agree that the movie itself is exciting, just because it promises to bring a piece of their childhoods to life. On the other hand, that means the new Artemis Fowl has a lot at stake, because nobody wants to see the books that helped shape their middle school years being tarnished by a bad film adaptation 18 years later.

If nothing else, the Artemis Fowl teaser trailer has planted a lot of seeds of excitement for viewers, which will likely only grow as Disney releases additional trailers for the forthcoming movie over the next few months. Fans still haven’t had a chance to see the principal character, Holly Short, played by young actor named Lara McDonnell. But, until fans get to see more glimpses of the Artemis Fowl movie, they’ll have plenty of time to revisit the books that made them fall in love with reading.

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