Testing out eyelash glue as an eyebrow gel for a laminated look

I ignore a lot of the beauty hacks born on TikTok because an app that tells me to use lube as a face primer immediately does not fill me with confidence in its other trends. However, during my usual nightly scroll, I did come across a hack that I actually wanted to try: using eyelash glue as an eyebrow gel.

I love eyebrow lamination as a treatment but my brows have started to weaken slightly from the chemical treatments, so I’ve had to go cold turkey on it. Sob. I’ve tried every setting gel under the sun in an attempt to get similar effects with a product, but short of REFY’s Brow Sculpt (an actual godsend but not SUPER long lasting), nothing has done the trick.

Influencer Chloe Morello, however, has provided a clever alternative to lamination: lash glue, which she says in a viral TikTok video is the “best eyebrow hack ever”. Her brows certainly do look impressively fluffy, so I was keen to give it a go for myself. There also doesn’t seem to be much skill needed to perform this hack – you just need a spoolie and a non-latex lash glue.

I found it easiest to dot the lash glue over my brows, then brush the product through with a clean spoolie. I’ve seen some people saturating their spoolies in glue and then combing it through, but I wanted more control over how much product was going on my brows. I also did one brow at a time as I didn’t want the gel to set on my eyebrows before I brushed them properly into place.

As it turns out, there was no risk of that – my eyelash glue didn’t dry. Not after a few minutes, and not even after a full half day of wear. It stayed very tacky on my brows, and I was very conscious of how sticky they felt all day. The look of them, however, was excellent. They stuck up perfectly, giving me a look that I can usually only achieve with chemical eyebrow lamination.

I held off reviewing this hack until I’d given it a full day of wear, and until I’d attempted to wash the glue off at night. Chloe’s video already informed me that I’d need “something oily” to get the residue off, so I came prepared with an oil cleanser. I was a tad concerned that the glue would pull out my (very meagre) brow hairs when I was washing them, but the oil dissolved the glue pretty well. I lost around three brow hairs in the process, which isn’t great but also could have been much more.

All in all, I think it’s a pretty decent hack. It’s something I would definitely do for an event when I want my makeup to really sit solidly in place for hours. I think I might experiment with different eyelash glues, as I’m sure I could find one that doesn’t feel quite so tacky. For everyday wear, though, it’s a no from me. I’m too worried about the hairs that would be lost in the washing stage.

I will give it to TikTok on this one though, it definitely IS worth attempting at home.

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