Tesco introduces new social distancing measures as shopping rules change

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Most supermarkets have changed their shopping rules to help keep customers safe. Tesco could introduce new social distancing measures to protect those visiting branches.

Earlier this year, Tesco customers were encouraged to keep a two metre distance while shopping.

This caused long queues outside some stores as they limited how many people could enter the store at one time.

As the government guidance continues to change, some shopping rules have relaxed.

However, the retailer has announced that it will start introducing more social distancing rules into stores.

A statement on Tesco website says: “To make sure we’re doing everything possible to reduce the risk of infection for our customers and colleagues, we’ll be introducing new social distancing measures in our stores soon.”

Queues could start to form outside stores again as the retailer reintroduces limits of how many can enter branches.

Tesco has put a traffic light system outside some stores to manage this.

The statement continued: “Where necessary, we’ll limit the flow of people coming into our stores to make sure they don’t get too busy.

“So over the coming weeks, you’ll also start to see a simple ‘traffic light’ system at the entrances of some of our larger stores, to help us manage the flow in and out.”

This follows a number of shopping rules that have recently been put into place.

Wearing a face covering when entering a shop is a government requirement for most Britons.

Members of staff will stand at the entrance of branches to ensure customers are wearing a face covering where it is necessary.

Hand sanitisers and cleaning stations will also be available when entering the store.

A statement said: “In our larger stores, we now have colleagues at the entrances to help everyone follow the safety measures we have in place, and to answer any questions.

“Hand sanitiser and cleaning stations are available around our stores.

“We continue to have social distancing guidelines and signage in place.”

With new coronavirus restrictions coming into place, some shoppers have started to stockpile food items.

Tesco has warned customers to only buy what they need when visiting branches.

Tesco CEO Dave Lewis said panic buying is “unnecessary” and that it “creates a tension in the supply chain”.

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