Tesco Christmas delivery slots: When do you have to book your Christmas delivery by?

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Food is one of the main pillars of the festive season. If you’re relying on a big food shop being delivered by Tesco, you’ll need to get a slot booked in quickly. The longer you leave it, the less lively you’ll be able to secure a delivery for Christmas week. Express.co.uk reveals everything you need to know about Tesco Christmas delivery slots.

Christmas is more than a month away, but with nothing else to look forward to in lockdown most of us are counting down the days to the festive holiday.

Christmas dinner and other treats are a huge part of the big day, and many of us get the goods delivered to our homes rather than visiting the supermarket.

The festive season is famously busy in shops, so if you’d rather avoid getting your Christmas dinner essentials in store you’ll need to order online.

If you shop at Tesco, you have to check out your basket by a specific date to ensure it arrives in time.

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Customers have been virtually queueing for hours at a time for a Tesco Christmas delivery slot since Friday, November 13.

The supermarket released the slots for Tesco Delivery Saver customers at 7am on this date.

These customers pay £7.99 a month for unlimited free home delivery and click and collect, and they also get priority access to the Christmas delivery slots.

Everyone without a subscription will need to wait until November 20 from 7am to try and get a Christmas delivery slot.

The fee for delivery will be between £4.50 and £5.50, depending on where you live.

On Friday, Tesco released a statement on Twitter saying: “We’re currently seeing a high number of visits to our website and app so are temporarily limiting the number of people using it.

“Please wait and keep the website/app open and you’ll be put through automatically. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.”

With even more people desperate to get slots on November 20, there’s likely to be the same mad rush and queue.

The good news is that Tesco has more than doubled the number of delivery slots on offer since the first lockdown.

There are now 1.5 million delivery slots on offer every week, and this will be needed around Christmas.

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When do you have to book your Christmas delivery by?

To secure a slot, you need to add a couple of items to your bag.

The sooner you order your food the better, because plenty of people are desperate to claim their slot.

If you are ordering Festive Food, these items can only be delivered or collected a few days before Christmas.

This means you’ll need to book a slot by December 14 for a date between December 20 and 24.

You need to check out within two hours of booking your slot or add a few products and come back later.

You can come back and finish the order at a later date, as long as you make the final amends and check out by 11.45pm the day before your delivery.

To have your food delivered on Christmas week, this needs to be done by December 14.

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