Teacher who quit for OnlyFans defended by ex-colleagues after earning $1m

A woman quit teaching to become an OnlyFans star – and she's now a millionaire.

Courtney Tillia, from Arizona in the US, wasn't earning much as a special needs tutor.

So to supplement her income, she signed up to the adult subscription site three years ago.

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While some turned their noses up at the 36-year-old's career U-turn, people from her former industry have stepped forward to defend her.

Teachers have messaged Courtney to tell her they're being underpaid for the work they do – and some are even considering following in her footsteps by selling sexy snaps.

In messages shared with TMZ, a supporter said: "Amazing! My wife's a teacher and is also considering an OnlyFans account."

Another said: "Although educators are the key to upcoming generations, they are severely underpaid and unappreciated. Good for her."

A third wrote: "As a veteran educator I ain't mad at all. Let this lady live her rich ass life!"

And a fourth added: "Too bad she had to change careers. We need more teachers, but they also need a career that will pay more.

"Earning a million dollars is a wonderful thing and pays more than just a mortgage."

Courtney said she's racked up more than $1million (around £865,000) between her three OnlyFans accounts.

It would have taken her 25 years to earn the same amount by teaching – so she certainly has no regrets.

In the process, she moved her husband and four kids to LA from Arizona.

The former teacher has also enjoyed lush trips to Hawaii, Colombia and Jamaica thanks to her extra earnings.

Good on her!


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