Target Now Sells Affordable Weighted Blanket

Target plans to include the affordable weighted blankets in their Black Friday sale this year.

A weighted blanket is a therapeutic tool commonly used to help individuals who struggle with stress and anxiety to get quality sleep. Weighted blankets are also popular to help those with sensory seeking disorders and autism. The big issue with this particular calming tool is it has always come with a hefty price tag.

A low-income family with one or two children with autism, for example, would greatly benefit from a weighted blanket. They, however, are never able to drop the couple hundred dollars most companies sell them for.

According to Scary Mom, Target has taken a step toward becoming the first retail store to sell affordable weighted blankets both in-store and online. The retail giant is even taking things a step further and offering the weighted blankets as part of their 2018 Black Friday sale.

Currently, Target has a 12-pound weighted blanket listed at $70. Anyone who has ever spent any time shopping for a weighted blanket knows this is one of the most affordable price tags on the market. As part of Target’s Black Friday sale, the retail giant plans on slashing the price and selling this therapeutic blankets for just $50.

Scary Mom points out this incredible deal is bound to be a doorbuster deal and the blankets are likely to fly off the shelves quickly. So, if you have your eyes set on a $50 weighted blanket this year, you will want to roll up your sleeves and get in line early.

Keeping things typical to what those who frequently shop at Target are used to, the retail giant will have the weighted blankets available in a gray color as well as a cream color. Scary Mom notes these are two of the “safest” color choices Target could choose as they tend to go with just about any bedding.

Before rushing to the store – or the internet – to pick up a weighted blanket (if you can’t wait and are happy with the $70 price tag) it is important to take a little time to research weighted blankets. For maximum comfort, weighted blankets are only supposed to amount to a certain percentage of your body weight.

Sensory seeking individuals may prefer the blanket to be a little heavier than what is medically recommended because their body seeks that extra weight. It is, however, important to be aware of the percentage and talk to a doctor or therapist – especially if you are shopping for a child – to make sure you get the right weight.

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