Tanning addict obsessed with sunbeds ignores health warnings saying ‘let me be’

A tanning addict has hit back at trolls who warned her of the danger of using sunbeds too frequent as she said: "I don't care."

Eden King, 20, visits tanning salons twice a week to maintain a dark bronze skin tone and even uses tanning nasal spray to develop the bronze colour faster than applying products on skin.

She often posts on TikTok to show her "sun-kissed" skin but is hit with backlash from people who said the methods could "premature" her skin.

Some said using tanning nasal spray could have worrying side effects and others criticising the fake tan's colour being too dark for their liking.

Eden responded the negative comments in lip-sync videos, as she did in one clip singing to the lyrics: "Nah hold up, I still don't give a f***."

She added: "For real, let me be."

In another clip she shared her sunbed routine – including using the nasal spray and some tanning juice drops to allow the colour develop better while in the sunbed.

"I've already got a good colour but in the past three days, I used these every night because I haven't been getting much sunbed," Eden explains.

"Some days I use an intensifying gel – I only use a tiny bit of that and I mix it with my other cream – it's good it has a thick consistency and you don't feel greasy."

But some viewers were horrified to see the amount of products she uses in order to achieve her ideal skin colour, with one warning her: "I know you love it and nothing I or anyone say will deter you, but I'm gonna say this.

"My friend died of skin cancer at 26 from doing the same."

A second wrote: "I got melanoma skin cancer at the age 23 after using sunbeds for years. Please don't use them."

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