Survey reveals just how much people plan to eat this holiday season

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People are going to eat a lot this holiday.

A recent survey asked people how much food they expected to eat during the Christmas season. The results, not surprisingly, reveal that plenty of people will probably be looking to lose some weight in January.

A recent survey found that 264 million slices of turkey will be consumed over the holidays, along with 250 million potatoes. 

The research asked 2,000 people in the United Kingdom who celebrate the holidays about their eating habits and was conducted Boursin, a cheese company, Southwest News Service (SWNS) reports.

Based on the results, 264 million slices of turkey will be consumed over the holidays, along with 250 million potatoes (which will mostly be served roasted). Also, about 208 million boxes of chocolates will be eaten for Christmas.

A spokesperson for the company told SWNS, “A lot of food is consumed during the Christmas period and, for many, that and enjoying time with loved ones is what the season is all about. But it’s important, as it is all year round, to try and get creative with leftovers to ensure as little food as possible goes to waste.”

The survey also revealed that up to 200 million cups of hot chocolate will be drunk, along with 366 million glasses of wine.

“People are increasingly committed to combating food waste, but inspiration and time can be real barriers to achieving this goal,” the spokesperson continued.

According to the survey, the top food items this holiday season will be roast potatoes, turkey, ham, gravy and beef. It’s also expected that people will drink more wine than beer over the holidays.

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