Superfit gran, 53, charms men half her age as young ladies ‘don’t turn them on’

A fit gran has revealed why ladies don't stand a chance against her when it comes to younger lads.

Andrea Sunshine, 53, who lives in London, proves that age is just a number as she attracts lads half her age.

The bodybuilder spends a huge chunk of the day at the gym with 8-hour sessions just to maintain her muscular physique.

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She also has over 133,000 followers on Instagram where she shares her workouts at the gym.

And while she usually grabs the eyes of blokes far younger than her, she claimed there's a reason behind it.

Speaking to Daily Star, Andrea lifted the lid on male attention as she said it's because men prefer experienced women.

She said: "I usually attract men half my age, there's a type of fetish about mature and muscular women for young men.

"We have more experience and self-trust which sometimes is missing with inexperienced young ladies.

"My age also turns them on, as well as my muscles."

Andrea isn't one to brag about the attention she gets, but it does give her a thrill.

She added: "Honestly, it gives me a kick, I like it as it turns me on and the idea of it brings me to some kind of fantasies.

"We are at the end of the day instinctive beings and some emotions and reactions we can't control.

"I think it's okay to feel the free spirit with some kind of responsible limitations. Although I am more attracted to mature men!"

The fit gran recently revealed the secret to her youthful looks is doing naked yoga.

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Andrea said the practice helps her to lose calories, but also provides a greater well-being for her hectic routine.

She spoke previously: "Stress ages, having control over your breath promotes a greater sense of relaxation and balance in the mind.

"It also strengthens the muscles of the body."

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