Sun Savers: Everything you need to know about our loyalty programme and how it all works

SUN Savers is our brilliant loyalty programme which offers you amazing treats simply for picking up your favourite newspaper.

Every day we print a unique Sun Savers code that sits inside The Sun newspaper.

Sun Savers members also get extra benefits such as Hols from £9.50 and get first dibs on dates for our Superdays FREE ticket giveaways.

Here’s all you need to know about Sun Savers codes and how they work.


Sun Savers is your key to treats, cash and prizes

SUN SAVERS is the best way to get a FREE fiver in cash – and so much more!

  • FANCY some free tickets to popular attractions in the UK?
  • Or exclusive access to competitions where you can win big cash prizes?
  • Or maybe, you want to get a great deal on your Christmas Hamper?
  • Join Sun Savers today! We’ll even throw in a free fiver once you've collected 28 codes!

Sign up or enter your code here!

Where can I get Sun Savers codes?

1. Collect a unique Savers Code every day from the Savers page in the newspaper. You will find your unique code printed in The Sun newspaper every day which will contain a mix of letters and numbers. Only one code from each dated paper can be entered.

2. Each code needs to be scanned or manually entered on the Sun Savers app or website – don’t forget, you’ll need to register.

3. Once you’ve entered your 28th unique code, you’ll get your hands on £5 cash!

You could pocket an extra £65 just by collecting the codes for a year!

Do I need to add my Sun Savers code every day?

Simply – No. Codes do not need to be added consecutively – unless for some of our exclusive promotions like Savers Screenings.

Please note: If you don’t bank any codes for 12 months, all codes that are in your Sun Savers account will be removed – so remember to keep scanning your codes!


What happens if my Sun Savers code expire?

Each unique paper code must be entered within 5 weeks or it will expire, so, you can enter codes from passed dates but don’t take too long.

My Sun Savers code isn’t working!

Oh no! There are several reasons why your code might not be working.

The code has expired. If the code is not entered after five weeks, it will expire and won’t be able to use it.

Sun Savers codes can only be scanned/entered once. Check you haven’t already entered that code.
Your finger has slipped and you’ve entered the wrong code – give it another go!

You can’t enter more than one code from newspapers that are printed on the same day, try a code from tomorrow’s paper.

If you’re wifi or signal is a bit dodgy you may have issues adding your code. Try again when you have a stronger connection.

If your Sun code is still not working, please contact our Live Chat team through the Help Hub.

When and how do I claim my free fiver?

You will receive £5 for every 28 unique codes you enter. Once you have entered them all, you can claim your cash by clicking on the ‘cash out’ button in the app.

You will need to add your bank details, or link your Paypal account in order to get your money.

How long do I have to wait for the money to go into my bank account?
It should normally take up to 3-5 working days. If there is a bank holiday it may take up to 7 days for the money to be in your account.

Why have I not received the money yet?

If you have not received your money after 7 days there may have been an issue with your bank account details.

Make sure to check your emails to get an update on your money.

Before trying to cash out again:

  • Unlink your bank account details and then connect them again.
  • Be sure you have entered the correct details and that the account details you have provided link to an account that is still open.
  • If you do not receive your money on your second cash out attempt please contact our Live Chat team through the Help Hub.


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