Style hack that will make you look slimmer instantly – ‘works wonders’

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With Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations on the horizon, women all over the UK – and beyond – will be looking for the perfect outfits to flatter their figures. Image Coach and Personal Stylist Melissa Lund spoke exclusively to about how women can appear slimmer in just a few seconds.

Melissa told “Everyone likes to know how to look slimmer at this time of year – in the run up to Christmas and New Year it’s all about going out and having delicious food and drink so, come January, most of us will find our waistbands are annoyingly tight! Happily, fashion can come to the rescue if you know what to do.”

Your choice of party dress or jeans is pretty important if you’re going to a special occasion, but first thing’s first – undergarments.

Melissa stated: “The right underwear will smooth lumps and bumps; shapewear can pull you in a little. A body suit works wonders.”

Pieces like these are the “secret agents” of looking slim instantly. Bodysuits can even be worn as a top themselves.

When picking out a killer outfit, Melissa suggested “pulling the attention to the top of the body”.

This “draws the onlooker’s eye upwards, making you look taller and leaner”.

And drawing the attention upwards is not totally limited to clothing: “Statement necklaces, big earrings, bold lipstick – it can all help.”

But she added: “If you’re wearing a big necklace, keep the earrings small and vice versa.”

Melissa’s next tip was to avoid very heavy fabric and large patterns. She explained: “Heavy fabric (a boucle wool for example) can add bulk. Medium to lighter weight fabrics will help you to look sleek.

“Pattern may increase the size of the body part it’s worn on so go cautiously.”

And if you are wearing a thick, heavy material, limit this to one garment, for example an oversized, cosy jumper.

The expert continued: “Keep the volume in your outfit to one area. If you’re wearing high waist, flared trousers or a swishy midi skirt, keep the top neat and tucked in.

“If you’re wearing a top with plenty of volume, keep the bottom half slim.”

Colour choice is also key when it comes to looking slimmer in an instant, although it doesn’t have to be black as many people believe.

Melissa didn’t specify one colour that makes all women look slender and trim automatically, as this will all come down to skin tone and hair colour too.

However, she did advise against mixing colours too much: “Create a long line for your body by wearing the same colour (or dressing tone on tone) top to bottom.

“Don’t cut your body in two with highly contrasting colours top and bottom as this will make you look shorter and therefore heavier.

“You don’t have to wear dark colours to look slimmer – a great cut will help, whatever the colour.”

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