‘Stranger sent me naked photo of my own boyfriend – she wants to compare notes’

I’ve been contacted by three women who claim my partner is also sleeping with them.

One has even sent me pictures of my guy taking a shower and mowing her lawn.

I’m so shocked and terrified, I don’t know what to do.

The woman with the garden found me on social media.

She says I’m a victim – that she and the two others have been duped and left heartbroken.

Apparently, my man has been promising each of them the world for years. He’s told them all sorts of sob stories ranging from his mother dying in a tragic car crash (she’s still alive) to his father being in an expensive care home (he is dead).

One woman has a son with him while another has a Doberman. He’s never allowed me to have a child or a dog. He’s always said children are too noisy while dogs are too needy.

I’m not stupid, I know some people live double lives. But I cannot accept that my man is guilty of these sins.

Correction. I don’t want to ­believe that he is.

If I drop my guard and believe these women, then everything in my life will have been a lie and a sham. I can’t lose him, he’s the love of my life.

Admittedly he has always spent long periods away from me, but that’s only because he has an important job.

I’m the first to admit he’s hopeless with money and keeping in touch, but that’s just him.

Now the lawn lady is suggesting us “wronged women” all meet up to compare notes. She claims she has some mind-­blowing evidence.

She says I’m not to tip him off and that we have to plan our joint confrontation meticulously. But these women mean nothing to me. Why should I upset my man when I’ve got myself to think about?

JANE SAYS: The truth is already out. Tempted as you might be to stick your head back in the sand, you’ve now been told your man is a liar and a cheat.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these three women are merely the tip of the iceberg.

It must have taken a huge amount of courage for the “lawn lady” to track you down and contact you.

I doubt if she wanted to ­believe that you exist either.

All of you have been manipulated and used by a very unscrupulous individual. He’s a fake and not to be trusted.

Of course you wish to protect yourself, but not co-operating with the others is a mistake. You need to hear the truth so you’re in full possession of the facts before you make some very important decisions.

Unfortunately, if what she’s saying is true, then how can you stay with an exposed double-crosser? No-one is suggesting you have to pal up with these women, but you do have to think of your future and your safety.

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