Stanley The Giraffe Update: Malibu Wine Safari Fan-Favorite Animal Fine After Woolsey Fire, New Photos Emerge

People across the country have been watching the California wildfires spread destruction throughout the state, and a giraffe named Stanley garnered a lot of attention over the weekend. Stanley the Giraffe went viral across social media as allegations were made that he’d been abandoned as the Woolsey fire spread, but new details about his status have now emerged.

As the Inquisitr detailed over the weekend, Stanley the Giraffe is a favorite attraction at the Malibu Wine Safari Park in California. As the Woolsey wildfire edged closer and closer to the Saddlerock Ranch where the Malibu Wines property is, photos circulated that alleged that Stanley was alone and in grave danger.

The family who owns the attraction took to social media to insist that Stanley was not in danger and that specialists were attending to him. However, not everybody believed the posts.

Later, additional rumors and photos started to make the rounds. For example, there were claims that Stanley’s eyelashes had been burned and numerous allegations hit social media insinuating that the family had abandoned all of their animals at the ranch.

In the past day or so, those at the ranch have been sharing a lot of updates via the Malibu Wine Safari Instagram page. A lot of damage was done at the ranch, but Stanley the Giraffe is doing okay and the staff has shared numerous photos and videos of him and others at the attraction since the fire passed through the area.

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TMZ connected with a rep at the Malibu Wine Safari Park and they were told that Friday night Stanley was moved to a stable away from the fires, out of his normal enclosure. The fire hit the property early on Saturday, but Stanley is said to have been fine. The rep tells the site that the fire never penetrated the area where Stanley was being kept.

The organization PETA is railing against the attraction for not evacuating all of the animals, and comedian Whitney Cummings has been extremely vocal about the situation as well. She posted to her social media pages throughout the weekend, noting that she’d gone to the ranch and felt the owners hadn’t handled things properly.

Since then, the owner has reportedly met with Whitney and Cummings has spent quite a bit of time at the property. She archived some of her earlier critical posts, and in a recent one, she’s standing in front of Stanley and later said that she had confirmed via a vet that he was okay.

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I went rogue and went to check on Stanley the giraffe myself. There were a lot of rumors and i didn’t want to be contributing to untrue gossip. I don’t know enough about exotic animals to know if them choosing not to move him was the right choice, but for now he is safe although the conditions are terrible air quality and windy. They are trying to build a barn for him for the night because it burned down. The best thing you can do to help is have as much hay delivered as you can to Malibu Wines/Saddle Rock Ranch or bring some if you live in the area. They lost all their structures, but all the animals are alive right now. I was frustrated that they didn’t evacuate all the animals days ago, but again it’s easy for me to say given i wasn’t there and the fires came in fast. Everyone I spoke to was kind and doing the best they could. I’m sorry I was so aggressive with you guys both in person and on social media. I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you did what was best for your animals and humans but in the future I’m offering my services to help with a better evacuation plan and any resources you currently need. Let’s all just stick together right now and deal with everything else later.

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Cummings acknowledged that working with animals like Stanley the Giraffe is outside of her expertise and she knew she’d gotten quite intense as she tried to figure out what was happening to the animals. As she learned more about the situation, she turned her attention to helping and she was at the Saddlerock Ranch herself to assist in any way she could.

Via her Instagram Stories on Monday, Whitney was asking for her followers to help her connect to an exotic animals veterinarian in the area who could get to the property to ascertain what would be best for Stanley. Later, she let everybody know that a vet had been found and they were all working together to move the animals that needed to be moved.

The folks at the Malibu Wine Safari Park are still on the receiving end of a great deal of criticism across social media, but it looks as if their focus right now is on helping all of the animals. The property seemingly did sustain extensive physical damage and the owners have a lot of work ahead of them to piece everything back together again. Luckily, Stanley the Giraffe seems to be doing fine after all of the chaos of the past weekend.

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