Stacey Solomon turns messy kitchen sparkling as she invites fans to ‘tap to tidy’

Stacey Solomon has us all hooked with her 'tap-to-tidy' posts, turning the messiest of rooms spick and span, and she’s just posted another which shows off her very clean kitchen.

The mum-of-three and Loose Women panellist has a close friendship with cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, and it seems the pair are very fond of a room tidy as Stacey has been showing off her organisational skills more and more.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Stacey, 30, shared a shot of her messy kitchen with "tap to tidy" written on the shot.

Stacey’s centrepiece island is littered with a pizza box with a half eaten pizza in it, glasses, plastic bags, bottles of baby milk and brochures.

But, in true Stacey Solomon style, the next shot shows off a pristine open plan kitchen that looks bright, airy, and a whole lot tidier to the one in the previous shot.

A candle burns on the marble surface of Stacey’s luxurious kitchen and Stacey specifies in the corner of the shot that her dishwasher has been emptied, the sides had been wiped and the bottles were soaking.

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As well as her tap to tidy Stacey also shared her helpful method of hanging things under the stairs when you don’t have boxes.

After receiving an IKEA delivery, the X-Factor finalist showed off her new storage system doing a ‘tap to tidy’ on her under the stairs area.

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Stacey’s tap-to-tidy is something of a genius , as the star takes a picture of a messy room, sometimes covered in toys after her baby son Rex has been playing, and the next photo, after you’ve tapped, displays a newly organised, clean and tidy room.

And it seems Stacey is a dab hand at organising, and doesn’t just shove things in random places, instead taking the time to pop her belongings in things like mason jars and wicker baskets.

Stacey has a whole highlight on her Instagram dedicated to her tap-to-tidy stories, including the star cleaning up her lounge which is scattered with toys, to taking on the island in her kitchen and cleaning the table which is covered in drawings by her kids.

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She also organises a set of shelves with Christmas decorations and it’s so satisfying, as well as decorating her table and doing a tap to make up when she has a spot on her chin.

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On Twitter, fans have been gushing over the effect, with one saying "@staceysolomon's tap to tidys make my day," and another adding: "How do I get @staceysolomon to come and organise my life with her tap to tidy?"

A third added: "I think @staceysolomon has started a country wide craze with this," and a fourth added: "You make my day @staceysolomon, you're great x"

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