ST Podcast: Heist movie Widows, concerts by Charlie Lim and Khalil Fong and a 15-minute theatre performance

Life Picks Ep 14 (Dec 6) – Heist movie Widows, singers Charlie Lim and Khalil Fong and theatre experience Charlie

7:35 mins

Synopsis: A new weekly podcast by The Straits Times, highlighting the best films, concerts, restaurants and arts events.

We chat about the exciting heist movie Widows directed by Steve McQueen, as well as two upcoming concerts – one by Singaporean singer-songwriter Charlie Lim at The Star Theatre (Dec 7) and another by Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter Khalil Fong at the Esplanade Concert Hall (Feb 16, 2019).

Also, don’t miss out on the last days (Dec 6 and 7) of Charlie, a 15-minute interactive theatre performance created by theatre practitioner Victoria Chen at The Goodman Arts Centre.

Produced by: Melissa Sim and Ernest Luis

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