Spoilers: First polyamory storyline hits Neighbours

Neighbours does love to do a bit of ground-breaking and next up the show will be introducing a brand-new polyamorous trio. It’s pretty unexpected, even for the people involved.

While Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) has been having casual fun with both Levi (Richie Morris) and Ned (Ben Hall), she’s starting to lean towards the former. Having been turned on by his gallant side after he went to help with the search for Nic (Charlotte Chimes), Amy sees something in Levi that really gets her going. Couple that with the fact the pair enjoy an absolutely incredible date, and it’s easy to see Amy’s heart is being swayed. Ned cottons on to this and realises he’s failing miserably. He’s not ready to lose and prepares to pull out all the stops.

He knows he needs to go big to win Amy over, so plans a hugely elaborate day out to rival Levi’s incredible date. All is going well until Ned hits a huge snag – he has a work drama that threatens his game plan.

While the two lads battle it out, Amy is having a great time. Who wouldn’t love all that attention? What she doesn’t realise though, is that these lads have actually caught feels for her. She thinks it’s all just fun and games. It takes Roxy (Zima Anderson) and Kyle (Chris Milligan) to clue her in. Ned can see what’s going on and comes up with a fresh plan.

Ned has a solution that is a win for everyone. He asks Amy and Levi to meet him and there he makes the shocking proposal – he wants them to give polyamory a go.

The guys are up for it, but is Amy? Are we about to see Neighbours’ first throuple?

Scenes air from Monday August 23 on Channel 5.

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