Spoilers: Dipi fights for her man in Neighbours

One of soap’s most painful (alright, mildly upsetting) breakups is about to take a turn as Neighbours’ Dipi (Sharon Johal) finally realises she’s not ready to let go of her marriage.

It’s a bit too late, but she isn’t ready to give up without one hell of a fight, even if it is a bit underhand. But then again she’s up against Amy (Jacinta Stapleton), who’s not exactly playing fair either.

Amy announces her latest plan – to open a boutique in Lassiters Complex and it hits Dipi hard. Not only does it mean she’s sticking around, it means Amy will be even more in her face working just across the way. Dipi can’t take it, it’s just too much to have lost her husband to the woman, who is now seting about ruining the rest of her life too. It’s especially bad as Shane (Nick Coghlan) is all for Amy’s business venture.

Acting impulsively, Dipi makes a move in a bid to devastate her nemesis and quash her dream of her own boutique. But her dreadful act leaves herself questioning her morals. It’s quite the stunt she’s pulled.

The guilt starts to eat away at her and Dipi can’t hold her tongue any longer, she confesses her crime to Toadie. It doesn’t stay between them and eventually it gets back to Amy, the last person Dipi would want to know.

It feels like things can’t get much worse when Amy confronts her and there’s a showdown, but then word gets back to Shane. He’s not angry, he’s disappointed.

Seeing how ashamed he is of her behaviour, Dipi finally cracks and reveals her true feelings to Shane and her motives behind it all – she wants him back.

Shane is left reeling – he was sure his marriage was dust. He now has a huge decision to make; does he go back to his wife, the mother of his children and the woman with whom he has all the history, or does he choose the excitement and fresh start of Amy?

Scenes air from Monday 8th March on Channel 5.

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