'Sorry Chip!' Joanna Gaines Says 6-Month-Old Son Crew Is Already Saying 'Mama'

Joanna Gaines‘ son Crew is a mamma’s boy!

In a sweet Instagram message on Tuesday, the mother of five revealed that her infant son is already speaking, and saying one word in particular: “Mama.”

“Crew is already six months old and saying ‘mama,’ ” Joanna, 40, wrote, before teasing her husband (and Fixer Upper costar) Chip Gaines — with whom she shares Crew, sons Duke, 9½, and Drake, 13, and daughters Emmie Kay, 8½, and Ella Rose, 12. “I had to throw that in there, sorry Chip!”

Joanna’s note came attached to an adorable photo of Crew sitting on her lap, holding her hand.

Though endearing, Joanna explained that Crew’s latest milestone — and others her kids have been having — struck up different feelings in her. “It’s always been my nature to reflect on the past and linger there a while. I find myself thinking about what I will miss and how life is just moving too fast,” she reflected. “Drake will be driving in two years and off to college in four. And just like that I have found myself mourning the past but now in future tense.”

“You see what I just did there?” she added. “This whole time thing can feel like a thief if you let it.”

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From there, Joanna went on to lay out her goals for 2019.

“I’m challenging myself in this new year to live for now. The present. Taking in every breath, every sight, and sound and holding it dearly,” she wrote. “Not thinking about how the good ol’ days have passed us by or how the best is yet to come. But that right now, this very second, this is the gift. These are the days. These are the moments. And I’m gonna breathe them all in. If there’s pain and sorrow, or happiness and hope, let it in and then let it out.”

“I want to enjoy the now because it’s the only thing we can actually embrace,” she said. “I want to hold it carefully. Hold it thoughtfully. I want to rid myself of the little distractions because I have found that these are the thieves that steal our moments and rob our days. But time, time is our most precious gift.”

Joanna’s note ended by promising the experience won’t be all too serious: “Here’s to seeing and finding the beauty, the hope and joy in the right now in 2019. And for goodness sake, let’s have some fun while we’re at it!” she wrote. “It’s going to be a happy new year indeed. Believing that for all of us. #wonderinthenow #thesearethedays.”

This being Crew’s first Christmas, Joanna made sure to make the holiday special — including giving the sweet boy his own special visit with St. Nick.

Crew got plenty of time with their family Christmas tree, too, as the HGTV stars set up the decoration in their master bedroom.

“I thought about every possible room it could go in, and the only place where there was an open spot was the master bedroom,” Joanna wrote on her Magnolia blog in December. “In years past, I would have never thought to put a Christmas tree this adorned in my bedroom, but given the circumstances, it played out just the way it was supposed to.”

“This year, I wanted to be intentional about embracing this transition of spaces for our family, which made our master bedroom the perfect spot to place our family tree. Plus, there’s nothing quite like falling asleep to a lit Christmas tree every night,” she continued, adding that baby Crew already seems enamored with the decoration.

“The other night, I was holding Crew and his eyes were glued to the lit tree — he just wouldn’t look away,” she recalled. “Watching him grow up celebrating Christmas and taking part in our family traditions this year, and every year after, is going to be so special.”

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