Sorry, But the First Mercury Retrograde of 2022 Is Here

We’re officially two weeks into 2022! And what better way to celebrate than with…Mercury Retrograde. Yup, it’s that time again. On January 14, Mercury starts moving backwards through the zodiac and will continue to do so until February 3. This particular Mercury Retrograde is happening in the sign of Aquarius. If you’re a fixed sign (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio), you’re feeling this transit the strongest—my condolences. And if you’re a Libra or a Gemini, you’re getting off easy this time—lucky you.

Whenever Mercury goes retrograde, it means that you gotta slowwww dowwwwn. People, projects, and relationships from your past are likely coming back around (and yes, that could include your ex). Re-trogrades are time to re-visit the past, re-view circumstances, and re-work how to move on—or even decide to re-introduce that past person/project/thing to your current life.

Retrogrades pull your focus towards the past, so you shouldn’t make any major decisions about your future right now—if you’ve been waiting to DTR, start writing that novel, or sign a big contract, I suggest you keep on waiting ‘til after the retrograde ends on February 3. And with Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius—aka *the* sign of social circles—pay special attention to your crew. You might discover that someone you thought was a good friend is actually a frenemy. But don’t jump to any conclusions! That shady remark might have just been a joke that didn’t land—miscommunications are also likely to happen right now, after all. If you need to start a tough convo or have The Talk, make sure you think very carefully about what you want to say and how you want to say it!

Nobody likes to hear about Mercury Regrade drama, but look at it this way: You’re being given the chance to find closure for good. Retrogrades are a time to clear out baggage so you can step back into life as your best self. Good luck!

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Old friends are entering your orbit again, Aries! If you don’t want them back in your life, this is time to tell them to hit the road for good. I’m not saying you have to be mean about it—you can at least have a good-faith talk with them first—but what I am saying is that this is a crucial time for your social life. Remember, the people you surround yourself with say a lot about the person you are.


Mixing your social life with your professional life can be tricky, and you’re learning that lesson this retrograde, Taurus. If your outside-the-office relationship with a coworker is leaking into life on the job, you’re almost certainly getting called out for it. Focus on setting healthy boundaries and finding a better work/life balance, and you’ll be just fine.


Do you have any long-distance connections? Whether it’s a friend who moved far away or a long-distance ex, someone is making the trip to come back and see you. Side note, if you have any travel plans, make sure you triple-check your schedule—Mercury Retrograde kills your organization and time management skills.


This is an emotional retrograde for you, crab cake. There’s not much action happening on the outside, but you’re diving into your deepest feelings, dreams, and memories. You’re learning to move on from what no longer serves you, while embracing the people and emotions that lift you up. Know when to cut something (or someone) loose, then do it. Future Cancer will appreciate it.


Relationship drama incoming!!! Whether it’s an ex or your current boo, you and they are simply not on the same page. This is an opportunity for you to learn how to be more accommodating…if you can just move past your stubborn, self-focused ways. Try to see things from the other person’s POV, and you can navigate any conflict that comes up.


Your relationship with your health could use some help. Are you working from bed all day? Staying up all night watching TikTok videos? Subsisting solely on leftover candy canes? Skipping laundry day…for the third week in a row? This isn’t like you, Virgo! It’s time to take a good look at your life and start making improvements. The habits you set now will have long-lasting effects, so get to work!


You’re getting an easy retrograde this time, Libra! The rest of the zodiac is jealous. Things might even feel a little boring right now. You need to reconnect with your inner child. What used to bring you joy? Singing? Dancing? Pokémon? Ring Pops? Find a way to bring that childlike sense of joy into your adult life, and you’ll exit this retrograde a much happier person.


Life at home is getting a little dramatic, bb. This could mean that you and your family/roommates are arguing more than usual…or it could just mean that your toaster is about to break. Be aware of your space, don’t be afraid to retreat to your room when conflict starts up, and make sure you’re taking care of any busted appliances promptly. Other than that, make sure you get plenty of rest—you need it!


Travel issues are coming in, big time. Cars are breaking down, tires are running out of air, engine lights are turning on, subways are getting delayed…you get the idea. Make sure you deal with these problems as they come up, otherwise they’ll end up being expensive in the long-term. And if you rely on public transit, make sure you’re showing up early—scheduling mishaps can be bad during a retrograde!


Peep your bank account, Capricorn. Not as full as you’d like, right? This retrograde wants you to go over your budget—nix all of those subscription services you don’t use anymore, spend more on groceries and less on takeout, and try to save however you can. Unexpected bills are likely to come in, and you need to be prepared!


Think before you speak, Aquarius! With Mercury Retrograde in your sign, you’re likely to catch diarrhea of the mouth if you’re not careful. This can lead to simple, silly misunderstandings, but it can also lead to major disagreements. I repeat, your motto for the next three weeks is: Think before you speak!


Relax. Rest. Meditate. Dream. Let go. This is an exceptionally introverted time for your sign, so use the next few weeks to recharge your batteries. You’ve been dealing with so much stress and you need to relax! Who/what is preventing you from thriving? Eliminate it, and move on. You’ll emerge from this retrograde as a much happier person!

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