Some Good News: Mercury Retrograde Is Finally Ending Tomorrow

Congratulations to everyone reading this: You survived one of the most chaotic Mercury Retrogrades on record! The past few weeks have been wild—Mercury has been shuffling backwards through Gemini and bringing around exes, old connections (good and bad), and past projects. You’ve probably also dealt with scheduling disasters, transportation issues, and any/all sorts of miscommunications imaginable!

This particular retrograde was big about bringing back ex friends and partners. By now, you’ve (hopefully?) sorted out any leftover drama and squashed any remaining beef!

Mercury Retrograde ends at 6pm Eastern Time on June 22, but over the next few weeks, Mercury will still be in its post-retrograde shadow phase. Meaning that whatever/whoever that came back from your past during the retrograde will stay relevant for the next few weeks, or until you deal with them for good.

Read your post-Mercury Retrograde horoscopes below:


You’ve learned ~the power of words~ over the past few weeks. The tiniest miscommunications may have led to major misunderstandings, or maybe even fights. Now’s the time to respectfully, maturely start conversations to clear the air and sort out any leftover drama. Your big lesson to remember is to pay a little more attention to what you say, dot your I’s and cross your T’s, and listen a bit more.


Hopefully you’ve dealt with all of the surprise expenses that have popped up lately! No more unexpected bills are coming your way, but now’s the time to get your finances back in check and commit to better spending/saving habits. It’s okay to treat yourself every now and then, but you’re learning to think twice before smashing “add to cart.”


All kinds of people from the past made surprise reappearances in your life this retrograde, and if you haven’t dealt with them all, the post-retrograde is your last chance to say your piece! You’ve likely had to cut someone (or multiple people) off during the retrograde. Don’t worry, now that Mercury is direct, new connections are going to start pouring in soon!


You’ve prob been overwhelmed by gossip, rumors, and shady behavior from ex-friends/boos, but now that you’re on the other side of this retrograde, you’re finally getting over it. You’re sentimental to a fault and letting go of people is tough for you, but sometimes that’s just what’s best. Find closure and say goodbye. You’ll be surprised at how great it feels to not have them living rent-free in your head anymore!


After weeks of drama, all of the shady behavior in your squad is finally dying down! You really learned who your true friends were during this retrograde, and now you’re taking out the trash. Say “see ya, sucka” to all your shitty friends, Leo! Once you finally clear out space in your squad, newer, better friends will start coming your way!


Is work feeling a little intense rn, Virgo? Incomplete assignments, scraps of work from the past, and scheduling errors have all been thrown on top of your desk, preventing you from making any real progress on the job, and guess what? That trend’s just going to continue until you deal with it all! There’s potential for promotions or bonuses in the future, Virgo, but you won’t have time to dazzle your boss if you’re stuck with all of this busy work!


This past retrograde was all about helping you to grow into a more well-rounded person. You may have discovered a new passion, traveled, or started taking a class. After spending a few weeks being less of a teacher and more of a student, you’re more equipped than ever to enter the world, broaden your horizons, and become the best version of yourself as possible!


Financial drama was the name of your game this Mercury Retrograde, and by now you’ve hopefully gotten everything sorted out. You love to be self-sufficient and you’re fiercely independent, but now you’re fully realizing that other people and things—including their money—have some sort of control over your life. Be flexible, and you’ll be just fine!

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Since your chart’s relationships zone was this Mercury Retrograde’s playground, you’ve likely been dealing with loads of exes and ex-friends. Have you finally hashed everything out? Have you found closure? Now’s the time to decide—do you want to bring these people back into your life, or are you ready to give them the boot for good?


Missed emails, forgotten texts, and scheduling mishaps at the office have been popping up left and right, because the universe is trying to remind you how important it is to keep your shit together! Use the next few weeks to smooth out any kinks in your daily routine and commit to a healthier lifestyle, because the habits you set now are gonna last a long time.


You’re learning to love again, Aquarius. The same people, positions, or projects that you used to be crazy about just aren’t hitting the same anymore, and now you’re beginning to figure out how to find that lost spark. If something/someone really just isn’t hitting at all, now’s the time to let it go, and start playing around with something/someone new!


All of the mishaps going down at home are finally calming down! Drama re: moving, signing new leases, or roommate beef is finally getting sorted out, all of the busted appliances at the house are working, and you can finally breathe again. What went wrong at home over the retrograde? How can you make it so it doesn’t happen again? How can you make yourself feel at home when you’re at home now?

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