Size 18 model wears crop top in sexy bedroom snap to show ‘curvy confidence’

A size 18 model showed that curvy women can look amazing in crop tops.

Isabel Nicholls Nall flaunted her tum in a cropped black T-shirt and low-rise cargo pants.

The 23-year-old, from Worcester, highlighted her natural beauty with her hair and makeup too.

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She scraped her blonde locks into a cute up-do and opted for glowy skin and nude lipstick.

Izzy captioned the picture with empowering hashtags like “body positive movement”, “body acceptance”, “self love” and “curvy confidence”.

And fans couldn’t get enough when she posted the snap on Instagram, where it garnered more than 3,600 likes.

One fan gushed: “I’m obsessed with this picture.”

Another said: “Belly rolls are hot.”

A third wrote: “You look incredible as always.”

And a fourth added: “We weren’t ready for that sexy belly.”

Izzy built up her large social media following by posting photos to her Instagram page when she worked abroad as a holiday rep for Tui.

Her friends took bikini shots of her from their exotic trips and she started posting the unedited snaps online.

The curvy star soon went viral – and caught the attention of brands like Ann Summers who wanted to work with her.

She previously told Daily Star: "I was so confused, but then I realised my photo had been shared on a body positive page.

"I've alway wanted to do modelling so I started taking more picture and used hashtags.

"Eventually I started building up a large following."


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