Single mother, divorced by 30, thinks men see children as 'baggage'

Divorced single mother, 33, says she has no problem getting dates with men who call her ‘beautiful’ but claims she’s been dumped 30 times because they see her two children as ‘baggage’

  • Naomi Way, 33, has been on more than 30 dates since her divorce four years ago
  • She believes men see her children and her being a young divorcee as ‘baggage’ 
  • Wants people to understand that single mothers are not ‘needy like you expect’

Despite matching with most of the men she speaks to on dating apps, a single mother of two thinks the reason they don’t stick around is because of what they deem as ‘baggage’.  

Naomi Way, 33, receives compliments regularly from people on Bumble and Tinder but has been single for four years since her divorce. 

The mother, from Solihull, West Midlands, has struggled to find the man of her dreams and was once told by an ex-date that her children were ‘baggage’ – a term she finds hurtful. 

She told The Sun that it’s not hard to get matches on dating apps and has been on at least 30 dates, but none of them have worked out. 

Naomi Way, 33, from Solihull, West Midlands, says she has struggled to find love since her divorce four years ago (Pictured with daughters Lyla-Rose, seven, and Ivy-May, four

When the mother-of-two tells men she speaks to that she is a divorcee with two children she says they often ghost her or say they are not ready for the commitment 

By the time she turned 30, Ms Way was married and divorced with two children – Lyla-Rose, seven, and Ivy-May, four. 

She met her first husband when she was 16-years-old and they tied the knot when she was 24 and had a baby a year later.  

In a quest to find love, Ms Way has dated people of all ages and from all across the country, including London and Wigan. 

She said she wants people to understand that single mothers are strong and independent and not ‘needy like they might expect’. 

The make-up artist fears she may never find love again as a young divorcee as numerous men have told her they’re not willing to commit to someone who has children as their priority. 

The mother of two said when she tells men she speaks to about her situation they often say the same excuse or ghost her. 

Several times she has been told that they want to get married and have children with someone who has not done it before, and does not have an ex-husband who will be involved in their lives. 

She believes prospective dates are put off by her children and has on one occasion been told they are ‘baggage’

Ms Way wants people to understand that single mothers are strong and independent and are not ‘needy like they might expect’

However, Ms Way said she much prefers it when the people she speaks to are open and honest about why they do not want to pursue things but does admit it is hurtful. 

To avoid being strung along and wasting her time, she makes sure to tell people from the get-go that she has been divorced and has children. 

She particularly finds men calling her children ‘baggage’ offensive. She told Fabulous: ‘This I find offensive, my kids are little people and I have no regrets about having them.

‘The word ‘baggage’ makes them sound like two old suitcases, which makes me really mad.’

The 33-year-old mother has often asked herself ‘What’s wrong with me?’ after a series of failed dates. 

Despite being told ‘you’re one of the nicest, kindest people I’ve ever met’ after dates, no relationship has stuck and Ms Way believes it is because she is so committed to her children.  

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