Siberian tiger waits 12 hours to kill two men in vicious revenger spree

A Siberian tiger killed two people in an act of revenge after a poacher stole one of its hunts, a new book has revealed.

In December 1997, a remote snow-covered wilderness in the far east of Russia became the backdrop for a series of horrifying killings.

The tiger attacks unfolded in an East Russian town, killing two people.

Vladimir Markov, a 47-year-old poacher, was the first to be killed by the vengeful tiger – his lifeless body, headless and disemboweled, was discovered near his cabin.

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The second, a young former soldier named Andrei Pochepnya, ventured into the forest for a hunting expedition where he encountered the killer cat.

When he was discovered, all that remained of him were blood-soaked clothing, a watch, a crucifix, and his abandoned boots.

The alpha-male Siberian tiger, measuring over 9 feet in length and weighing approximately 500 pounds, had consumed both victims during its spree.

The book delves into the reasons for its murderous rampage, finding that Markov had unwittingly taken parts of the tiger’s prey – a boar.

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In an attempt to defend himself, Markov confronted the tiger with a shotgun, but he was unable to fend the tiger off during the fatal encounter.

Just a few days later, the killer tiger came upon Pochepnya, who was armed with a bolt-action rifle, but it was little help, as only his blood-soaked clothing and boots were found.

Russian authorities to launched a desperate search for the tiger, and once it was eventually tracked down the lead investigator narrowly survived an encounter with the tiger.

The full harrowing account of the tiger’s rampage was documented by Canadian author John Vaillant in his book titled “The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival.”

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