‘Shucked’: How Actor Kevin Cahoon Found a Rare Nudie Suit for Premiere of New Broadway Show (EXCLUSIVE)

Actor Kevin Cahoon donned a famous Nudie Suit by iconic tailor Nudie Cohn to the Broadway red carpet premiere of “Shucked.“

The decorative rhinestone-covered suits — made famous by Elvis, Hank Williams and Post Malone — were on loan to Cahoon, who plays Peanut in the show, from Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors in Hollywood.

The musical is filled with catchy numbers and, as the title suggests, is about corn. It’s set in the fictional Corn Cob County, a small-town Southern haven surrounded by… corn.

“‘Shucked’ is a brand new, completely original, rhinestoned, star-spangled, American musical with its roots planted firmly in the country, its heart celebrating all of the Nashville greats that have come before, and I am in it,” Cahoon tells Variety. “What in Cob County do you wear?”

Cahoon wanted to honor corn, the West and all things associated with rural America with his look — but the sought-after suits are collector items or museum pieces and were out of his budget. Luckily, he had a connection.

“Last year, I played Earl Clark on Fox’s country music drama ‘Monarch.’ I remembered that our costume designer, Mandi Line, had a Nudie Suit commissioned for Beth Ditto to wear on the show,” Cahoon says. “I immediately called Mandi and she connected me with THE Nudie’s Tailors.”

He was then introduced to Jerry Lee Atwood, a designer at Union Western. “Jerry said, ‘I know exactly the suit you should wear. It was just in Vogue.’”

“I just so happened to have a suit in our stock that I made for myself years ago that has corn cobs and other motifs like cows, a barn and a tornado; all things that I grew up with as a lifelong midwesterner,” Atwood says.

When he saw the suit, Cahoon was blown away.

“The suit featured bedazzled corn! Not in a county fair kind of way, but in the most fabulous, elegant, rock ‘n’ roll, showbiz, dreams-do-come-true way that encapsulates everything that this opening of this Broadway show meant to me,” Cahoon says. “After nine years of development, countless stops and starts, heartbreaks and triumphs, I will walk down a corn yellow carpet, in the city that I love, opening a new Broadway musical comedy in the most fantastic suit that I could have ever dreamed of, with the sparkle of Roy Rogers, Hank Williams, Dale Evans and yes, even Mr. Nudie Cohn, in my heart.”

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