Self-described cougar, 53, says everyone should feel confident

I am 53-years-old and feel great in my bikini – everyone should feel confident and beach body ready

  • US-based TikTok creator Elle Anthony, 53, wants people to feel confident
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A self-described ‘cougar’ has taken to social media to remind everyone that they should feel confident donning their beachwear this Summer.

US-based TikTok creator Elle Anthony, who uses the handle @elleanthony52 on the platform, shared a positive video.

The 53-year-old told viewers that she wanted to spread a message as the warmer months are upon us.

But while most are, in Elle’s words, ‘always talking about getting summer beach body ready’, she wanted to offer a different perspective.

According to the content creator, who reportedly referes to herself as a ‘cougar’, her video is a reminder to people to ‘love [themselves] as [they] are’, rather than feeling they have to change.

US-based TikTok creator Elle Anthony (pictured) took to the platform to share a positive and empowering message with viewers

The clip features Elle looking stylish in a black two-piece bikini, as she looks confidently into the camera lens.

She appears fresh faced, and her extremely chic grey locks are pulled away back, showing off her sun kissed and clear complexion.

Speaking in the video, Elle says: ‘Hello my loves,  I’ve got a message for everyone.

‘Summer is upon us, and everyone is always talking about getting Summer beach body ready.’

Elle continues: ‘Baby, if you’re ready to go to the beach, and you have no shame about what your body looks like in a bathing suit, or surf shorts, or swim shorts, then you’re Summer beach body ready.’

Moving onto her next point, Elle discussed the importance of loving yourself the way you are, without feeling the need to transform your physique.

In the video, she explains: ‘This is your permission, your pass, to love yourself as you are, to enjoy the f*** out of your Summer, and to show up how you want to show up.’

Raising one more point, Elle spreads an empowering message.

The self-described cougar says people should feel happy and free in whatever they choose to wear – be it a bikini, a g-string, or something else

Looking into the camera lens, she continues. 

‘Wear that bikini,’ she says. ‘Wear that g-string. Wear those short shorts.

‘Whatever you’re into, this is your Summer,’ she says.

Elle then concludes: ‘And remember, it’s only society that puts criticisms and labels and standards on us that we didn’t even ask for.

‘Love you, do you, be you, be happy, be free.’

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