See Nadya Suleman & Her Octuplets Now — As She Calls Her Past "Horrible" & "Despicable"

"No one hates Octomom as much as me."

Strong words from Nadya Suleman, who became a media sensation when she gave birth to octuplets in January 2009 … when she was already a mom to six other kids.

Suleman, who has since changed her name to Natalie, just resurfaced for a new photoshoot with the eight children who made her famous and an interview where she tries her best to distance herself from her past.

"Everything I ever did was for money to put food on the table," she tells The Daily Mail, addressing exploits including nude pictorials, solo porn videos and stripping. She also underwent a series of very public plastic surgery overhauls, confirming that she had a boob job, tummy tuck and two rounds of lip injections.

"I fully exploited and dehumanized myself with the porn and the stripping," she explains now. "I was so desperate we were on the verge of homelessness, so rather than put my kids in front of the camera I decided to put myself out there."

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She says she decided to do away with the "Octomom" persona for good after she came home to find her daughter Amerah running around her home in a pair of sexy heels. She moved the family to Orange County and has been working as a counselor and family therapist ever since.

"My kids know what I did as Octomom I tell them the truth," Natalie tells the publication. "I’ve told them I’ve done some very bad and shameful things and they say, ‘It’s okay mom we love you anyway and we’ll always love you.’"

"I want that horrible, despicable character Octomom to be an example of what not to be," she adds.

Suleman is actually pretty active on social media — check out more of her large family’s best selfies and cute candids in the gallery above.

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