Scott Disick Spends $57.5K On Birthday Present For Amelia Hamlin

Amelia Hamlin turned 20 years old 4 days ago, but her 38 year old boyfriend, Scott Disick, isn’t ready to  stop celebrating. The media hasn’t been able to get enough of these two, as they frolicked in LIV night club in Miami and got all dolled up for a very fancy dinner at Papi Steak Restaurant. It was at that time that Scott gave Amelia a diamond incrusted cross pendant on a necklace. Just Jared reports that fans thought that was the big gift, but it seems that Scott has just upped the ante on birthday giving. He has gone on to dish out yet another generous gift by giving Amelia some exclusive artwork valued at $57.5k.

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Scott Disick is considerably older than his girlfriend who has just turned 20 years old. He’s had more than enough time to amass his $45 million net worth, and seems to be ready to spend it by spoiling Amelia Hamlin.

Hamlin’s birthday seems to be a never-ending gifting process, whereby Disick continues to pull all the stops by giving her one expensive present after another. Her entire birthday bash, inclusive of her wild presents from Disick, have been widely documented on social media.

Now, there’s one more very fancy item to add to the list. Disick has gifted Hamlin with a Helmut Newton print called Saddle II, which just so happens to be worth a jaw-dropping $57.5 k. The print has an authentic signature and is a black and white art piece. People indicates that this piece of extraordinary photograph “was originally shot for a 1976 edition of Paris’ Vogue Hommes magazine.”

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Scott Disick clearly wanted to make a statement by giving Hamlin something truly memorable and valuable, and he has most certainly succeeded.

This incredible, vintage print is a rare beauty that was purchased using EthereumPay’s $EPAY cryptocurrency, and is drawing worldwide attention.

The art piece is truly one of a kind, and art collectors from all over the globe are in awe of the fact that it was just gifted to a 20 year old.  Hamlin most likely doesn’t know much about the Helmut Newton collection, but now that she owns a valuable piece, she’s likely to hold it near and dear to her heart.

The photo depicts a model that is wearing tights and a blazer while she straddles a saddle. The saddle sits on top of an armchair. This piece is considered to be one of the most provocative works by Helmut.

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