Russian nail salon latest design features a pipe with burning tobacco

‘Is this legal?’: Salon divides fans with a bizarre video showing a manicurist smoking from a tiny tobacco pipe stuck to her fingernail

  • Nail Sunny has been slammed by fans after posting its latest nail art design 
  • The Russian salon posted footage smoking tobacco from a pipe on a fingernail  
  • Social media users argued the nail salon has gone too far with the new design 
  • Past designs from the nail specialists have included strands of hair and live ants 

A nail salon that’s built a reputation for pushing the boundaries with bizarre creations, including sticking on long strands of hair and a mini twerking Kim Kardashian, has once again caused a sensation. 

Russia-based Nail Sunny, which has more than two million followers on Instagram, has divided fans with its latest design which features a tiny pipe complete with smoking tobacco.

Posting footage of the creation on social media with a manicurist smoking from her own acrylic nail, the salon encouraged their followers to share their reactions with ‘Like or [thumbs down] ?’ 

The salon which recently expanded by opening a new premises in Los Angeles quickly received a backlash from people who said the idea was potentially dangerous and encourages bad habits.

Moscow-based beauty salon Nail Sunny which has achieved over 2 million followers on Instagram from sharing unconventional designs has been slammed for their latest creation

The salon shared a clip showing the design being sculpted from a wax-like material before being applied to an acrylic nail

One person said: ‘I get that you do this sort of thing for attention but can you maybe not encourage the double whammy of tobacco damage AND lighting acrylic on fire?!’

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Another wrote: ‘This looks like pure radiation and cancer but hey views’

A third added: ‘Wow, Nail Sunny takes nail art wayyyy too far’

The manicurist is seen sculpting the pipe design from a wax like material before painting with nail vanish and applying to an acrylic nail 

A stream of responses to the salon’s post have accused them of taking nail art too far without considering health and safety implications

The clip which has been viewed 639,808 times shows the design being made from a wax like material and sculpted into the shape of a pipe using foil.

The manicurist then paints the design with a seemingly ordinary nail varnish before filling the pipe with tobacco and setting a blaze on an acrylic fingernail.

A select number of responses to the footage praised the salon’s creativity and ability to think outside of the box.

One person wrote: ‘I mean it’s cute, you’re very talented, but OMG please don’t light fires near nail products and inhale the smoke’

Another said: ‘People glue rhinestones and glitter on their nails and call it art too. Art is subjective’  

Sisters Eleonora and Arina Movsisyan were inspired to debut Nail Sunny after spending time living in Los Angeles

The salon divided fans just days earlier with an intricate nail art design featuring a person having a bikini wax. 

And in February, shared a clip revealing how manicurists were able to create a miniature torso complete with a beating heart.

Nail Sunny which was opened by sisters Eleonora and Arina Movsisyan is a relatively new concept nail art store but quickly achieved success using shock methods.

The sisters lived in Los Angeles before taking their experience of unique designs to Moscow to open the salon.

Other responses to the post have praised the salon’s creativity and in some instances claimed they would like to try the look

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